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Greens Supplement and Multi?

If I were to take a greens/Superfood supplement should I exclude my usual multivitamin from my diet?

None of the websites for these greens supplements answer the question directly.

It depends how balanced your diet is. If you feel you needed a multivit before then continue to take it. I take Superfood and still take a multivit (not everyday just workout days where I feel I might need more).

Greens/Superfood is not a multivit replacement.

I will back up red on this. I use Superfood every day in my morning shake and a multi in the am and pm on training days…

I use Superfood and feel that it helps, but I’ve never seen a benefit from using a multi-vitamin and for the most part think they are a waste.

People buy them anyways since they are so fearful that they won’t get enough of something.

I’d rather take the specific vitamins and/or minerals that I’m concerned about not getting.

A lot depends on which brand you are using. Some (multivits) are worthless.

Biotest is making one.