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Greens+ Replace a Multi-Vitamin?


I'm planning to incoprorate Greens+ into my supplementation program. My question for people who have used the product is, can it replace a multi-vitamin?



From the numbers I think it does. I don't have my bottle in front of me though. Somebody may be able to answer it better.

P.S. Have a barf bag ready, you're going to DEFINITLY need it!


Oh, come on, greens drinks aren't that bad.

And yes, they are to replace multivitamins.


I quit the multi's. there garbage. If your eating a good amount of fruits/veggies/lean protein/Grow!/ZMA and throw the Greens+ in there, its all you'll need for now. the current crop of multi's just dont cut it for me. I don't want a bunch of "might work" or "might be absorbed" in my diet.

A few tips about greens - go to the store and buy a gallon of spring water and keep it in the fridge. The better tasting and colder the water, the easier greens is to drink.


Are you kidding? I'm waiting for worms to crawl out as I'm drinking it.....


My main concern is regarding the minerals. I looked at the ingredients briefly and I don't have my list of optimum amounts, but it seems like Greens+ might be lacking in some.


I often find that when mixed with cold water, the greens clump and that's really gross. I usually just take mine with tap-cold water and/or put a scoop of whey in with it and chug it down. To be sure, I wouldn't sip it under any circumstances.

I don't use Greens+, but the one I do use tastes like "peanut juice" so it's not that bad.

If you're drinking it with juice, that can help too.

I should probably say I cheat and take two half-doses during the day rather than a full dose at once. I also mix it into 16oz of water, so that dilutes it a little too.


I stir it really well. Take about a minute to stir it.

I cut the servings in half as well.

I also like to drink it like tea. Just run a cup of water threw your coffee maker to boil. Throw in some greens and stir.

There is also my Greens + Grow! shake. Tastes really good.

1 scoop Grow!
6 ice cubes
8 oz orange juice
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 banana
1 serving of Greens+

Blend and enjoy


I think RIT jared said he mixed a serving of greens+ with v8 juice and tabasco sauce.

Once I start incorpotating this into my diet (hopefully by the end of the week) I'm going to go for this approach.


Pardon the question, but is Greens+ just powdered form of veggies? (directly), not some lab made micros?


Is it bad to stir it into my oatmeal (after its been cooked). I've been doing that and then adding Metabolic Drive and blueberries. I actually like it. Greens Plus Bars are good too!


Honestly I would not replace your multi with a greens supplement. Try Source of Life or Life's Fortune, both are fantastic multi's and are 100% organic and guaranteed to absorb. If you need more info on either, PM me.

PS: I agree that 90% of whats on the market multi wise is garbage, they are overfilled with synthetic fillers, hence why I am in the Natural industry.


How are you guys breaking up the serving size, if at all? Are you breaking the serving size into 2-3 servings per day?

Also, anyone taking more than the recommended serving per day?

Just wondering what others have found effective.


Nope no problem there, just as long as your adding it in after you've cooked it.


I second the bars. They taste really good. I dont see an issue with you mixing it into your oatmeal.


Greens+ is organic and its a very viable replacement to a multi.


Dude, Greens + comes in a powder. You take whatever serving size you want.

I split the serving size in half and take it 2 times a day.


Where is the best place to buy Greens+ online? I have yet to find a good one.

Help please.


I could get addicted to those bars. Especially the chocolate covered ones...yum!


i've been getting it through amazon. i think the place they get it from is the vitamin shop (?) anyway it's $23.99 from those guys. takes 'em like 2 weeks to get it here though, which isn't too bad if you don't mind keeping a little inventory.