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Greens in Milk


I plain hate the taste of the greens mix. I was wondering if i incorporate it into my morning shakes (Used to be milk, whey, berries, and oats)should i lose the milk?

I already plan on losing the oats cause the high fiber content will decrease the absorbtion of the nutrients in the Greens mix to a good extend, however what about the calcium in the milk?

Does Milks calcium reduce micronutrient absorbtion significantly?

If milkshakes are a no go, any other ideas to improve the taste of Greens (i will certainly get a flavoured one next time or some caps) blend?


GREENS+ is simply the most nauseating nutritional supplement I have ever had the displeasure of tasting.

It is also one that I believe is completely necessary for everyone to take.

I mix a tablespoon in 8 ounces of plain water, hold my nose, and gulp it down. I follow it up with a shot of some really strong tasting juice like cranberry.

sigh, that reminds me...time to take my daily dose of the GREENS+ stuff...ugh...


Maybe I'm weird, but I actually like the taste of Greens+.

- Try mixing it in less water, not more. E.g., less than an inch of water at the bottom of a cup. See if that tastes better for you. I tried mixing it in a full cup of water and I didn't quite like it either.
- Try mixing it in apple juice, either a full cup or, again, same trick, just an inch of liquid at the bottom.


Does the fiber really take away from the absorption of the greens +? I take it with flax meal, which has a lot of fiber. Just wonderin.


If Greens+ tastes like such ass, why not try a different greens supplement?

I happen to like the flavor of "Best of Greens" just fine. It tastes like brussel sprouts.


Yeah Fiber does decrease other micronutrients uptake, thats why they also recommend not to take your multis, and expensive fish oils with your morning oats or flax.

But i guess it depends on how much fiber you are using in that meal.


The thing is i bought a 60 day supply(30 some left to go) that i am not just going to toss out the window to buy a new product. Once i am done with this product i was going to try the progressives blueberry flavoured blend or the Capsule version. But thanks for the advice on Best of Greens.


I use a VitaMix blender, add fresh greens (kale, spinach, cucumbers) a little water, bananas & strawberries. Everything's organic.
Very delicious.


A little fiber won't make a difference. A large meal would.

I'm not sure about the milk question. I've heard that some studies have shown milk to decrease the body's ability to absorb antioxidants; others have shown no effect. No one knows what it is in the milk that may have this effect.

I have a hunch that, since milk is difficult to digest, a more digestible dairy product might work better. Maybe, instead of milk, use a combination of water and plain, natural yogurt (that's what I do and it makes my shake thicker and really yummy). Just make sure the yogurt has live bacterial cultures to improve digestion.


I've said it a lot and I'll say it again, Spicy V8 is the single best way to take Greens+ plus you get some veggie juice to boot.

Take it like mid-day.