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Greens+ Has Soy In It


It seems one of Greens+ ingredient has soy in it.

I know this site doesn't support taking soys, but then they also recommend taking Greens+.

What gives?


I would guess that the overall amount of soy in the product is quite low.


From a previous question about this:

"Lecithin is an ingredient found in almost all, if not all protein-based drinks. As I recall, it helps the powder mix with liquid (so it doesn't form a solid island on top of your milk or water).

This lecithin is derived from soy but it has nothing to do with soy protein or the isoflavones in soy we advise people to avoid."

That search engine is magical sometimes!

Thanks to Dave2...


Berardi's last article comparing diets of sedentary people and athletes had this addressed in the posts. Somebody brought it up and he replied something along the lines of, "If somebody's eating clean well enough, a little bit of soy isn't going to hurt somebody. Also, there's a big difference between isolate and concentrate."

Personally, I'm not sure on the soy type in Greens+. If it is lecthin, good luck avoiding it. That shit is everywhere and as a previous poster stated, it's an emulsifier.


So why the hell are people still using Greens+? Berardi clones?

You're paying for fillers (apple pectin, soy lecithin, rice bran), phytoestrogens (soy sprouts), stomach acid-wasted bacteria (non-enteric coated) and frootie tootie ingredients (bee pollen, royal jelly, fruit juice??).

Believe it or not, there are products out there that are only greens. I personally use "Best of Greens". Not only does it have more categories of greens that Greens+ (cruciferous vegetables, sea vegetables, cereal grasses, and algae), but it has more variety in each category:

Organic Alfalfa Concentrate
Organic Wheatgrass Concentrate
Organic Barley Grass Concentrate
Organic Oat Grass Concentrate
Spirulina (65% protein)
Cracked Cell Chlorella
Organic Dandelion Greens
Organic Broccoli
Organic Spinach
Organic Kale
Organic Parsley
Organic Cauliflower
Organic Three-Day-Old Broccoli Sprouts
Sea Kelp
Sea Vegetables

I think it's something like $30 for a month's supply (aren't they all).

Good luck!


In my opinion the best greens product is New Chapter's "Berry Green". No fillers...only fruits and vegetables.


Why are we using a product endorsed by someone that we recognize as an expert on supplements and nutrtion and whose opinion we trust?


And that has no vested interest in such product, is paid nothing for his time and effort to indorse such a product? Yea, seems like a stupid idea to me as well.


Don't worry your little head about soy lecthin. That's not a bad thing. You want to avoid soy proteins and isoflavonoids.


So? I'm not paid by anyone either. My belief is that Berardi probably just hasn't had time to note every greens product on the market, and settled on the best of what he's seen.

Someone else suggested a fruit/vegetable blend. That might be good too, but frankly, I eat my fruits. It's the greens I need help with. YMMV. And maybe you need fiber, soy and other waste-of-space ingredients to take the place of veggie or berry extracts while costing the same...

God, I do sound like a shill. But at least I know I'm not, while with Berardi - who plays a nutrition guru in real life - I'll never know with absolute certainty.

You know, Berardi also suggests buying 5 bags of spinach each week for salads, rather than getting a bag each of all the popular cruciferous leaves such as kale, collards, chard, etc. Which is flipping stupid to not do, in my opinion, because some of them have more iron and protein, let alone they all have their own unique vitamin+mineral make-up and could together compose an excellent mixed greens salad.

Protein grams per a cup:
Collards - 4
Chard, Swiss - 3
Kale - 2.5
Spinach - 1

Maybe if you had some trust in your own common sense and intuition, you wouldn't need to sit on someone else's dick. And then not have to act like you got some kind of stick-object up your ass when someone tells you to use your head instead of theirs.


That's only in the new "Soylent Greens" flavor.


The last thing that red-meat eating men need is more iron.

Unless you donate blood regularly, excess iron should be avoided.


I belive that the only soy that should be avoided is the protein. Lecathin is acually good stuff, it somehow is a source of choline (ingredient in Power Drive).

I belive that Berrardi reccomends solely Greens+ because it has studies to prove its efficacy... [i]STUDIES!!!!1!1[/i]

You have to go the Canadian Greens+ site to see a bit about it.


I would beg to differ with that statement


What gives is that from what I've seen, it's not enough soy to be bad.

Yeah, ther'es chemicals coming out of cars taht I'm sure have saturated the air enough we're all inhaling them. Should we stop breathing?

Hell, here you got a good product with some trace of soy. A little soy ain't gonna kill you.



FYI: There's more than just soy lecithin in Greens+. It also contains soy sprouts.


Kailash, you have a good point (about thinking for oneself) but I think you can make it without insulting Berardi and others on the list.

Berardi is trying to get McDonalds-eating guys to understand the benefits of eating spinach (and greens in general) on a daily basis, as well as supplementing with a greens supplement. He has to balance conveying complex nutrition information against the resistance and ignorance of his readers.

Yeah, it would be better to eat more variously than spinach every day and Greens+ is doubtless not the very best supplement of its kind on the market. But baby steps, baby steps. You can find Greens+ everywhere and spinach is familar to everybody and readily available year round. Once you got the preliminary stuff down, then you can get perfectionist.


Oh no!, a milligram of soy makes your balls drop off, doesn't it?


I do understand why Berardi recommends those. But I don't agree with dumbing things down. At least that's not how I do it. I speak the full piece, and those that have ears to hear will hear. I suppose Berardi though, is going for the world - good for him. But not my style.

My tone in the first post though, was for sure a mistake. I'm just sick of recommending people take a look at another product while they complain about Greens+. I think this is the second or third time I've posted on a similar subject. First was when they were complaining about the taste, now I see they're doing that again too on another thread. And I believe even the soy has been brought into question before...

Maybe Berardi should just say 'a' greens powder, so that people won't need Greens+ with religious fervor, or something... I mean, shit!

If people are treated like dummies, I believe they'll act like dummies. Buckminster Fuller claimed we're all born geniuses, until encultured. I would tend to agree with that.


I hear you, Kailash, because I feel like I'm one of those people who can absorb the details while not losing sight of the big picture too. But I've come to have a lot of sympathy for the challenges the trainers have here. Wasn't it Waterbury who started to post a program for training martial artists and all anybody got out of the whole thing was his slight overstatement of strength requirements? I can just imagine Berardi writing more detailed and open-ended nutrition reccomendations and every third comment being. "But what's 'chard'????" "I can't find dandelion greens, so I'm not going on this program."