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Greens+ Better Than Multivit??


Ok so are multi-vitamins obsolete now? Is it better just to take a couple servings of greens powder every day or what?

Do you get more nutrition for the buck with greens powders or w/ multivitamins?


What's greens powder?


I eat these things called fruits and vegetables. Not only are they cheap, but they taste good too. And they're easy to find in your local grocery store.

Seriously, I don't take a multi or any other vitamins for that matter. I try to get all my nutritional requirements from food. I eat a lot of lean meat and vegetables (raw and cooked). I'm a fan of spinach and broccoli.

I think spending a lot on vitamins just gives you expensive urine.


I think gojira makes a good point. I do take a multi, but more as an insuance policy, especially in the winter, when veg's are in short supply.

I looked into buying Greens +, but then realized that it wasnt worth it with the huge amount of vegs I eat every day, especially when the garden is in full swing in the summer time.


i use greens + with my pre/post w/o shakes, because those meals are most devoid of any sort of veges or fiber, i however leave out the greens+ later in the day after i've eaten some real vegetables. I substitute the greens+ for flaxseed meal for my prebed P+F shake.


I'm actually using a Multi/Greens+ powder at this time. Basically Greens+ and a vit/min formula.

It must be the foulest tasting powder ever, but I actually feel a LOT better.

I kinda enjoy, in a twisted way, the foul taste. I put the powder straight in mouth and wash it down fast. It certainly wakes me up!!

As for "straight" greens powders, the progressive greens brand is the best tasting and seems high quality. Of course, these are my opinions of how it "feels", so dont take this as gospel.

This July and August I'll be eating tons of veggies straight from my father's huge garden so I wont need the powders. But beleive me, these greens supplements have really improved my stamina, health and mood. I highly recommand those supp.


Berardi recommends them for people who don't eat enough veggies. IIRC, he counts one serving of Greens+ as 6 servings of veggies.

So, for a lazy guy like me, they're a life saver. For someone who has their diet in order, that's $1/day that could go to something else.


Ok, but what's "greens"?




It's Greens+, or related brands. A powder that you mix into liquid to substite for not having enough veggies in the diet.