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Greens+ As Recommended by JB


I was wondering whether anyone knew which sites I can buy the supplement "Greens+" as recommended by John Berardi on his many nutrition articles.

Also is Greens+ better than Vegegreens??



(In Canada)

(In the US)


Great - thx very much John.

How often do recommend I take this supplement on a daily basis?

Thanks again for your time.


Wow thats expensive! Is it really worth it? It seems great but at $45/month.....


VitaminShoppe has it for just under $24. That will save you $10/bottle.


Yea i was just about to say that, most health food stores have it for under 30 bucks. I just got a new bottle the other day for 28 bucks at betterfoods, a little health shop here in Canton Michigan.

I dunno what is up with the Greens people and why, without the middleman involved, they can't sell there product cheaper online. Its 35 bucks!

And remember, you dont necessarily have to take three teaspoons a day. I take anywhere from 1-2. Stretch that bottle out longer. This isn't some type of pharm-grade drug that has to be taken at a specific dosage to work, LOL.