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Greenpeace Trashes Coral Reef



That's right guys, proving once again that God has a sense of irony, the "Rainbow Warrior II" just incurred a $15000 fine for causing considerable damage to a protected reef in the Phillipines.

Even more ironic is that they were at the reef to collect data about damage from global warming. I guess we could safely say that environmental activists are worse for the reefs than our SUV's, huh?

Are we allowed to protest against protesters? Because I don't want these enviro-clowns messin' up my coral reefs anymore. Maybe if they avoided doing bong hits while the boat is underway, things like this wouldn't happen.


I do find it appreciate the irony but greenpeace has done several positive things for the environment however it seems that they weren't really using correct judgement this time.

I also read about the french agents sinking their first rainbowwarrior boat. Kind of funny.


Anybody that still believes in enviro-fascism should read "The Skeptical Environmentalist". It was written by a former enviro/Greenpeace member. He has his formal education in mathematics and statistics, not pot-growing and welfare check collecting like the majority of enviros in the world. He tears their ideas to pieces mathematically, talking about how some warming of the temperature are taking place in some areas. But in other, it is getting colder, with less traumatic weather. He recieved alot of death threats after writing this book, even one on Greenpeace letterhead. Enviros are so stupid, every time I talk to one I just want to kick their ass for being insanely daft.


People that care about the environment are the devil... poison it all I tell you!!!


I would say that environmentalism as we know it, the socialist style environmentalism is a mental disorder. All they ever talk about is how much they respect science and how science is the only way to make decisions, but when a scientific fact comes back that refutes their core beliefs, they choose to ignore the facts and go off on a tangent in regards to what is good for the earth.

Tree-huggers are insane and are some of the stupidest people I have ever known. I know so many tree-huggers that drive SUV's, live in big houses up the canyon and traipse around the wilderness on snow-machines and OHV's. Goes back to the old liberal addage, "Do as I say, not as I do", "I can have mine, but you can't have yours". If these assholes had their way, we would all be living in Sovet style concrete apartments with jobs in a factory making Lada vehicles. Not on my watch bastards!


Hmm, "mental disorder": Michael Savage
"tree-hugger" - Rush

You have any thoughts that don't come from people doing drive-time radio?


I can appreciate the irony of them damaging a coral reef, but Greenpeace are a fine organization. If more people acted as they did instead of just chasing the almighty dollar the world would be a better place.


That's right. We can always live in a concrete dome! There's no such thing as global warming, nuclear weapons and nuclear waste are underrated, and who needs trees and clean water any way?


The predictable, dimwitted caricatures of the Left notwithstanding, Greenpeace does more harm than good.

You want to protect the environment? Change people's minds - appeal to their practical thinking.

Greenpeace's radicalism just aggravates the situation. Their campaign is a kind of fundamentalism, an environmental theology to which their can be no reasonable alternative (like wise-use theories).

Many people have lost their connection to the environment - and the least connected are urbanites.


What, you have no retort other than to link my words to talk-radio personalities? You must have drive-time radio on the brain because the last time I checked, there wasn't a ban placed upon using the word "tree-hugger" or saying "mental disorder". Considering that I don't listen to Rush, or even know "Michael Savage", you will have a hard time linking me to them. Thoughts of my own, please, you are the hack, I have read your stuff before.


First off, what "stuff" of mine have you read before, you lunatic?

Second, I thought it a bit kinder to gently mock you for how you phrased your stupidity than the stupidity itself. Environmentalists have mental disorders? What the fuck is wrong with you?


"Stuff" as in material you have written before. I didn't call you names, but seeing as though you have initiated the namecalling, you classless asshole. Nor have I written to mock your opinions in the past, have I? I will stand by what I said before, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results from each subsequent try." Enviro-fascists and socialists are thus insane, thinking they can implement old, tired ideas and pass them off as new. Thinking that they will get different results this time from their implementation of totalitarian style goverment, centralizing the power and paralyzing the freedom of the people. Sorry bro, you are the lunatic. I pose the same question to you.


Probably every reply you have made to my posts in the last 2 weeks.

Yes. You are that predictable and transparent. I think this is like the 3rd or 4th poster to comment on your lack of original thought.

But being the good liberal you are - you have no message. But you do have excuses and a real talent for ignoring reality in favor of whatever fantasy land you live in.


That is fucking funny. I have been giggling like a mad bastard since reading that.


"Support Greenpeace -- our lawyer fees are killing us"

My new bumper sticker idea for them. Just makes you want to open that wallet, doesn't it?


Are you calling him a lunatic, or asking him if he is?


Hahahahah! Nice, do you think many people you describe actually exist? I mean, here you outline a caricature which probably matches about 50 people around the world. Hell, probably the people on the Greepeace boat itself and those at their head office.

Yep, lots of folks just pining away for totalitarian government, well republicans perhaps, but nobody else that I can see. What the fuck are you going on about?

Personally, I don't drink water, breathe air or eat food, so you see, it doesn't matter to me what happens to the environment. Oh wait, I'm lying, I do those things. Oh well, I'd hate to get in the way of free markets and greed by being concerned about letting people live healthy lives.

To help with my part, I'm going to dispose of used oil, tires and coolant in the nearest lake, because that is cheaper and will save me a few bucks.

Yes, the world is doomed.


Nobody is knocking "smart" environmentalism, I think what he is getting at is that these people in general, at least the real "tree-huggers" would have us live as the omish do or some other form of bullshit. Yes we need to pick up after ourselves, but from my perspective in another 50 years we will have advanced enough technologically that we will have almost no impact on the environment, at least nothing more than we should have on it.



Gee, by my way of thinking, it's state sponsored terrorism. A regular laugh riot.


I once made the mistake of volunteering for Greenpeace about 20 years ago. All they wanted us to do was go door to door begging for money and handing out inaccurate info.

I am a strong environmental supporter (I have worked as an Environmental Engineer for over 10 years, but Greenpeace is way out of touch with reality.