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Green Tea?


Besides coffee, soda, crack, Spike, and speed is green tea the best pre-workout stimulant?


Green Tea perworkout stim??? Id say NO. Good for health, anti ox's etc. But preworkout Id look at Spike. Check the store here and the various threads.

Ah I see how it is you use ye Ole' edit function to make me look a fool Huh?? Editing in "Spike" to your post after I post and it was not originally there. I can edit as well. :slight_smile:

I still stand by the rest of the post. Good for you. Good Pre w/o stim IMO no. It actually has a calming effect. The caff. is sadi to be couteracted by the Theanine etc. It has been used for centuries in the orient to relax and meditate.

But hell if it gets you going go for it.

Hope that helps,


For me, green tea does not have enough caffeine in it to serve as a pre-workout stimulant. On average, it's about 40mg per serving. I'm not sure how much a cup of coffee has, but the average caffeine pill has 200mg each. I know there are other types of stimulants in green tea, but I don't think any are strong enough for pre-workout stimulation.


Depends on your tolerance for caffine.
Ive never touched coffee or tea or cola so one cup of green tea gets me buzzing for hours!!


Try Yerba Mate. That gives a pretty good preworkout boost.


Take a pill or 6 of yohimbe pre workout. It works great.


Yeah, I am the kind of guy that only drinks water. I hate drinking soda or coffee. So from what I hear from everyone else, green tea will have some effect, but it may not be as strong as say something else like coffee. I train at 4:00am in the morning, so I need something to wake me up. I do not know if I have the money to be able to afford Spike nor do I know if that would be best. I will try a couple of bags of green tea on monday, and see if it does the trick.


I do remember hearing Berardi say something about green tea being a good pre-workout stimulant. He went on to say that for tougher workouts espresso or Spike is good. I hope I'm not misquoting him.
I find green tea gives me a good mild kick which does great for most workouts. Sometimes I need the thinly padded sledgehammer of a caffiene pill but I don't like relying on that stuff. I build up tolerance to caffiene very quickly and don't like having to constantly up my pre-WO stims. So I'd say green tea is a good safe bet for the general populace but if you need/can handle something more on a regualr basis then go for it. Just listen to your body.


i dont get a kick but try your green tea with hunny. Just done some. Lovely.


I second the Yerba Mate recommendation. Compared to coffee it gives me much more solid energy. Green tea gives you typical low-dose caffeine energy plus good stress-reduction (which isn't a bad thing pre-workout).

Yerba mate definitely gives you a physical type of energy, plus if you go authentic-style you will be drinking it out of a cool gourd with a silver-plated straw.

Go to www.ma-tea.com and get the "extra strong" organic package of tea and buy yourself a gourd and bombilla (a straw with a built-in filter on the end that filters out the loose tea).

Mate (pronounced MAH-tay) has a fairly decent amount of antioxidants, quite a bit of caffeine, and even some vitamins and it's tasty. Loose mate > tea-bag mate, you get 3 grams in a tea bag and you generally put 30-40 grams in one gourd, which you can re-use 3-5 times.

Mate gives me a feeling similar to Spike, and I think it does more for the CNS than caffeine from coffee or green tea. And it's cheaper than coffee or Spike.


i like green tea. if you buy high quality loose leaf stuff yeah it's more expensive but you can leave it in the pot and get 3 or 4 brews out of it. so it's not really that expensive and it's a whole lot better. the absolutely frickn fine japanese fox who sells it to me says the second cup is the best one and that's the one i should give to a guest. she's right. first one's a touch bitter, second one is money, third is fading , fourth is an echo.

anyway the thing i like about green is i can drink it all day long and i'm totally flying. the high is a lot cleaner than coffee. if you drink 3 or 4 cups through the morning it's just as intense as coffee but without the rough spots....maybe cause the delivery is more evenly disributed...interesting this exactly why i liked the original version of the stimulant they sell on this site much better than the new tablet form.

spring is on the way. that's the best time to get fresh tea.