Green Tea

I will start off by saying that I read all of the past threads on green tea and read all of the references to green tea in T-Mag after using the good ole search engine. Despite all this, I am still unclear as to how many cups of green tea to drink per day. So for those of you who are drinking green tea, how much everyday? One cup? Two cups? Seven cups (better remember green tea has a high fluoride content)? Two teaspoons per cup? Four? Two tablespoons? Come on guys, its time to come out!

During the week, I usually drink 1-2 cups of green or black tea. On weekends, I usually don’t make it. I would drink it much, much more, but until I research the fluoride issue, I’m going to stay at this consumption or less.

all the metabolic research on the drinkable green tea was on 5 cups/day. The extract of ECEG with caffeine was taken 3x day (Exolise by Arkopharma)