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Green Tea. Which Ones to Choose?

hey guys,

I have been looking around for green tea, and i noticed that there are many types of green tea, chinese or western green tea, which ones are the best for losing weight? i heard from John Berardi that green tea is excellent for to help losing weight, but do you guys know which type?

Thanks for the help

You are in Hong Kong? You should have access to the freshest stuff in the world!
What is more important than brand is type. Whole leaf green tea will be significantly better than the scraps found in commercially available tea bags. Berardi also states that to see the full benefit you should have several cups a day. Since tea and water are the only beverages recommended by him, that shouldn’t be too hard.

hey thanks for the reply haha
haha yeah, Hong Kong you can get any stuff you want haha. But the thing is im not in Hong Kong anymore im in Sydney now, so you recommend whole leaf green tea? how much green tea leaves should i put in for a cup? are there any bad things if you drink too much green tea? or is it just like water?