Green Tea Supplements

Has anyone tried these?

Not sure yet about them as a fat loss agent as I just tried them out, but I can say they significantly increased my mental clarity and focus. Moreso I feel than drinking green tea. (Guess either the caffiene dose was higher or they are fast absorbing like they claim)
I know I could just take spike, but I was advised against it by a T-Nation author because it’s meant for adults and I can’t exactly dispute that.
For now, it seems like something that can wake me up in the mornings.

I take NOW EGCG green tea extract. For me, it is awesome stuff and very cheap. As far as being better than drinking the tea, I find that the extract is definitely better. It’s a time saving tool more than anything, as when you take the pills with a shitload of water, you’re basically just making tea in your stomach.

Not a substitute for Spike, by any means, but definitely a supplement where I can feel the difference.(the pills I take contain almost no caffeine, so the rush I feel must be from something else)