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Green tea question.

We all know that green tea is apowerfull antioxydant and a possible fat-burner.

I’m trying to limit/control my caffeine intake and was andering if anyone knows if the decaf green tea has the same properties (I heard the decaf properties messes it up)

one cup of green tea = 30mg caffeine

Bump. Good question. I use decaf sometimes too. Hope I’m still getting the “good stuff”.

Bumping again?

Yeah, I’d like to know this also…


try this: Steep tea with sub boiling water for 30 seconds, pour this water away, and cover again with the heated water. Steep like normal. Supposedly this removes 80% of the caffine, but I doubt this is also true for the antioxidants. Another thing to consider is drinking Rooibos. It is a tea like herb from South Africa. It’s caffine free and full of good anti-oxidants. I like it late a night, and its a good change from tea.

green tea doesnt have that much caffiene in it though does it?

what about herbal teas?

Dark Assasin: Green tea has about 35mg or so of caffeine, depending on the source and brand. Celestial Seasonings green tea supposedly removes the caf. without altering the healthful properties. I would be curious to know if anyone has any lab experience and could tell us if this is actually the case.

As far as herbal teas go, you have to remember that they aren’t made from tea leaves (which or course is what green and black teas are made of) and hence don’t have the same antioxidant benefits. Most herbals are a blend of chickory root, rosehips, orange peel, cinnamon and the like.

Go with Red Tea. Same anti-oxidant properties as Green Tea, though naturally caffeine free.


Red tea? whats the commercial name?


Rooibos is Yummy and good for you.
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You can get decaf green tea with only 5mg caffeine per tea bag.

Eric the question was if the decaf still contains OGCG (the anti-oxydant, fat-burner compound that’s in the tea leaves)

I have heard the decaf process destroys it’s properties (although the person who said it teaches the USDA food pyramid so Im skeptic)

Spanky, yes, sir. I would suggest you use the Yogi brand, if you can find it. There are 1937.5mg of decaffeinated green tea leaf per bag. I wrote the company a while back, and they informed me that each bag was standardized to 22% catechin polyphenols. I’m not sure of the Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) content, but I imagine that it’s the same as caffeinated versions.

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