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Green Tea Pre Workout


I've read in several articles and posts that anti-oxidants such as vitamin C ingested during and post-workout can be nonconductive, or even damaging to your muscle growth.

Taking this notion on board, I am starting to question my habit of taking a green/white tea combo tablet pre-workout for the small caffeine kick it gives me. I am not very caffeine tolerant, so it does work well for me.

However, is it possible I am doing more harm than good to my work-outs with this?

Polyphenols and theanine are powerful anti-oxidants themselves, are they not? Or does ingesting them pre-workout instead of post minimise the malignant effects?


Malignant effects? I'm pretty leery of believing that small doses of anti-oxidants or vitamins have any malignant effects at any time.

There is a small amount of research which suggests that pro-oxidant effects are possible under certain conditions. I wouldn't get too worried about these things just yet until more is learned...