Green tea&nasuea

This herb is supposed to help release free radicals and prevent cancer, and help lose weight> Great but does any one else take this herb and vomit.

I do, just curious if anyone has the same symptoms???

Are you taking green tea extract in pill form? Or are you drinking brewed tea?
I’ve run into issues with several different vitamins/supplements where the pill form would make me nauseous as opposed to the food form.

I have no problem just drinking it. Tastes pretty good and its got less caffine than coffee. I don’t know about pills.


I haven’t had a problem with the pill or the drink.

The only thing that makes me vomit is having oatmeal too close to (before) a tough workout.

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Sounds like you’re taking Hydroxycut or something similar. I wouldn’t personally waste my time, just drink green tea.

my mom just brought home green tea extract pills and i was planning on asking what everyone thought, but found this thread.
I took my first one this morning, no nausea yet. Took it w/ multivitamin, vit e, bowl of oatmeal w/ 1/2 scoop of grow & coffee mmm

Anyways, i wanted to ask since green tea supposedly raises your metabolism, would green tea extract do the same, if not better? I tried drinking green tea, but I like dark teas normally. Only kind i can drink sanely is Green Earl Grey, and even then I still rarely drink it. Anyways, lately i’ve gotten into real Chai, yum.


Maybe the B vitamins in the capsule are causing the nausea. If I take a B complex vitamin on a empty stomach it causes mild nausea. Nothing major.

example, we must buy the same brand because I feel the same as you. I mix my creatine into my green tea (which is in a regular tea bag btw.) and I get a bit queasy after drinking it…

I thought it was just me.

Maybe you need to drink more water with it? That effects me on some capsules.

green tea has astringent qualities. When living in Japan for sometime I got to realise that, while the stripping quality of green tea may be good for keeping the meal clean & washing down any potentially fatty foods it can also strip nutrients & occasionally interfere with your stomach a little if empty. Traditionally this tea was used to safe guard against rotten foods/meats that may have been taken in such is the nature of the tea, thus suggesting it as a post meal drink as opposed to a specifically empty stomach preference.


I just started mixing my creatine with green tea + echinacea, which I’ve been drinking about 3 times a day. I actually have been feeling a little queasy afterwards, but I wasn’t really making the connection, mainly becuase I used to drink a lot of green tea in the past.

Funny, I thought I was the only one too!!! Thanks for the info everyone.


Green tea can mess up the stomach big time. To avoid these symtoms drink green tea with food or make sure your tea isn’t to concetrated [in other words don’t use 3 tea bags for one cup].



so is it okay to drink green tea on an empty stomach, brewed strong, so long as it doesn’t upset your stomach.

I like a cup of green tea on an empty stomach about an hour pre-workout, followed by some vitC and powerdrive.

Are there defenite side effects to drinkin the tea on an empty stomach? Or strongly brewed?

If I drink green tea in the morning on an empty stomach, it makes me feel nauseous.

If I drink green tea in the morning on an empty stomach, it makes me feel nauseous.

There it is guys. To be specific, it is actually in the morning when taken on an empty stomach. I’ll try to take it simultaneously with my morning meals. See what happens.