Green Tea-Ive heard all good is there anything bad

Hey whats up i drink green tea in morning and before my workout ive heard many people drink it who train and stuff whats the bad on it and whats the good. Also i take peanut butter before bed and ive heard it releases hormones before bed i take the natural kind of course well let me know thanks T-MAG

to give you a very breif answer, the only thing I have heard bad about it is some ppl dont like the taste. I love it.

Full of anti oxidant, l-theanine, etc among many other good thing to much to list. If you do a serach you will have days of reading on it.

Hope this helps.

I get the Rasberry flavored green tea, it tastes great.

yep thanx man yep having my cup right now then before workout or ball another thanx