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Green Tea - How Much!


Once and for all how much green tea do you need to drink per day to reap the benefits?

Is drinking a cup a day a waste?


I haven't done a whole lot of research on the subject yet, but I drink it throughout the day. Possibly 5-8 glasses (nice break from plain water). As far as I know you can't get too much. If I find anything different I'll be sure to post it.


Do a search for articles on this subject. One of the esteemed contributers wrote about this subject recently.


I am pretty sure 2-3 cups a day can be beneficial. I think JB recommends this amount ... "Gourmet Nutrition"

I get at least 1 cup a day. I get this image when I get ready to watch a movie and grab myself some green tea with a blanket and hover over the tea while enjoying the movie. Green Tea is daaaaa bomb.

AND then one of the "cool tips" from Cy said that "Celestial Seasonings green tea and Lipton Green Tea contained the highest amount of total catechins and EGCG. But be careful, decaffeinated green teas have less than the caffeinated versions."


I like celestial seasonings green tea organic.

I had the opportunity to visit celestial seasonings headquarters here in Colorado. I took the tour and visited the facility. Really an amazing operation they have.
Fun little tour.

-Get Lifted


Is there any way to reap the benefits of green tea without the caffeine? I've heard that decaf green tea is not as effective. Any reccommended products?



Wow, you're a real "Tea"-Man.

Har har.


LOL, I have always liked tea. All kinds of sorts. lol It wasn't until JB recommended green tea that I became hooked to the green. I always did like teas. Had some ancient appeal to it. Like a samurai in the cold winters or something. I always thought of it as a sacred drink.

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Prima-Green or any other green tea in a tablet. Two tabs is about 10 cups worth of goodness which is great as the stuff is soul-destroying when your trying to consume that much naturally.