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Green Tea - How Much?

Hey guys, after reading Cy’s article on thermogenics, I was thinking about adding green tea to my diet cycle. This would be in addition to MD6, T2-Pro, and Methoxy-7 or androsol. I enjoy drinking tea, but I’m not sure how much I would have to consume to get any benefit. Any ideas? Thanks!

Green Tea is great drink as much as you want like coffee except its better for you. Also don’t buy the American brands they suck… Try going to your look Asian food market and ask for some real Green Tea!

Greenm Tea not olny is the best dierutes but it also prevents a lot of un wanted deisese such as Cancer ect…

I think you can get green tea, or the active ingredient, in capsule form. Haven’t used it, but I think I’ve seen in at GNC in their generic brand herb section.

Drink it… Its the pure form… I don’t know if packing it in a pill does any good there might be someone try to capitalize on money here.

Stick to the Asian method drink it!

It’s proably best to use the green tea extract in capsule form. The problem with drinking the tea is it’s also very high in fluoride and if drank consistently over time can have a negative effect on your thyroid.

This is pertaining more to green teas health effects than its fat loss effects, but I read of a study a few years ago,it was in either China or Japan,where they studied people who drank green tea 1-10 cups per day, and concluded those who drank the most obtained the most health benefits. 10 cups sounds like an awful lot…
I bought some green tea from this specialist tea and coffee store one time,and got talking to the guy behind the counter. I could tell this guy must have researched tea and coffee the way many of us research training and diet.He said that when preparing tea using leaves, to steep the leaves in the boiling water no more than 60-90 seconds. In this time you will get as much of the flavinoids as you will ever get,after this you will only get more caffeine and tannins, which gives the tea a bitter taste.

Make sure you get the green tea with at least 50mg of caffiene

Hey man, I thought green tea caused an increase in estrogen. I don’t remember where I heard this from, but I hope it’s not true.

Kelly - regarding the fluoride, do you have any idea how much you would need to drink before thyroid suppression would start?

It’s not as simple as ‘drinking’ green tea of using just any green tea caspule product. Nor is it a matter of getting 50 mg of caffeine from it either.

The study done was on 3 groups – a placebo, 50 mg of caffeine group, and a green tea group which received green tea supplying 50 mg of caffeine and 90 mg of EGCG (the catechin polyphenols). So the groups were controlled for caffeine content, yet the green tea group still had significantly greater 24-hr energy expenditure, etc. You have to find one that uses the 90 mg of ECGC/catechin polyphenols if you want to use the research supported dosage.

“Much of the cancer-preventive effects of green tea are mediated by EGCG , the major polyphenolic constituent of green tea (2). One cup (240 mL) of brewed green tea contains up to 200 mg EGCG.” - Hasan Mukhtar and Nihal Ahmad. Tea polyphenols: prevention of cancer and optimizing health. Am J Clin Nutr 2000 71: 1698S-1702S. Since the study cited, took 3 pills of the green tea extract a day, EGCG content was 270 mg. So I guess, an intake of about 2 cups of green tea (assuming good quality tea) would do the trick. I already take enough pills, so I rather take in the whole food (or whole tea). I admit that I was lazy when asking the question, so for anyone else interested in learning about tea, there are several good articles available at ajcn.com, just type in green tea or tea into the search engine. Pretty cool stuff.

You can read this article to get some ideas on the topic
http://www.mercola.com/ 2000/sept/10/green_tea_fluoride_thyroid.htm

GNC in (North Vancouver, BC ) carries a Green Tea Extract “Standardized” to 150 mg of Green Tea extract - 70% catechins, 10% other polyphenols.

There are many grades of Green tea out there.

There is a GREAT article at this url -
http://www.lef.org/ featured-articles/greent.html

Drink up!

I have one thing to add, in all of the studies done by Dulloo et al on the metabolic effects of green tea, he used an extract, that extract is a patented extract licensed by a French company Arkopharma. In the US it is known (I believe) as Exolise.

OK, after reading the article that Kelly Baggett recommended which talks about the fluoride in teas and then comparing the articles I read at ajcn.com (specifically the one I cited above) which talks about the protective benefits of tea, I’m frustrated. I plan to do a little bit more research into this topic, but until then, I will limit my tea consumption and if I plan to use green tea, I will use the extract with EGCG. Read the articles if you have not. It is pretty eye opening. Reminds me a lot of the controversy with soy. Sometimes I wish everything would not be so gray and we could get a little bit more black and white for a change.

bumping this thread up to answer J’s question

Having read quite a number of hte papers on green tea and metabolism i think I can add a couple of things. All tea (green, oolong and black) will have egcg in it. To a different degree of course.
By itself, it doesnt illicit a very large response in terms of increased metabolism, probbly ~100calories per day or less. Its a nice drink all the same.
BUT, combined with ephedrine and caffeine, it would help potentiate their effects, because the way it works. Ephedrine will help increase nor-epinephrine release, the enzyme c0mt degrades NE in the synaptic cleft, green tea inhibits c0mt, which is differnt to the way caffeine works (phosphoesterase (sp?) inhibition).
So it would definately be good in a stack with E and C, but the 50mg caffiene per cup supplied by the tea, isnt high enough to do shit.

Dr. Mindell has stated that one must consume anywhere from 6-10 cups of green tea to get that antioxidant benefits. Whether or not he was talking about the American made or Asian made teas I don’t know. I use the caps. I had been using the GNC Herbal Plus Standardized one, but at the risk of offending the company I work for, there is a much more potent formula made by Enzymatic Therapy. If you can get your hands on it, use this one.

Do not boil the leaves. Bring the water to a boil the let it sit for a minute off the heat, then add your tea leaves and let them steep for 60- 90 seconds.