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Green Tea For Fat Burning


I've read some where that green tea can be used in helping to burn fat, anybody tried it?


lots of us have. just make sure you get some that’s got a large % of Polyphenols. Most places that sell them in caps rip you off b/c they sell them with like 15% Polyphenols. I bought some with about 90% that helped me stay lean somewhat while bulking.


Green tea is amazing. When I have at least a cup a day I can lose a ton of weight. Luckily I am one of those guy’s who is naturally skinny so it is harder for me to gain weight rather than lose. When I drink green tea daily I cannot gain at all. The health benefits are also awesome for fighting colds, keeping blood sugar in check, etc. Have at least a cup a day, don’t add sugar. Right now as i’m writing this I am drinking a cup of green with mandarin. Ummm, nice.
Good luck



I was actually looking up things about green tea, when I saw this thread.

I know what I will be drinking first thing in the morning!


be careful how you word things “tiggerdesire”

saying “i can lose a ton of weight” isn’t probably the best way to go about it…