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Green Tea Fans


When all is said and done, this is my choice for fat loss. No fancy ingredients, cheap as can be, available everywhere from Wal Mart on up (hate WM btw). Pop a cap every 2 or 3 hours throughout the day and let the fat melt away.

Bet she uses green tea (and works like crazy).


Yea I like drinking it better. Also, I read an article that said if you add some squeezed lemon to your green tea that it helps tremendously with the absorption of the nutrients and antioxidants in the tea, makes it taste great also.

Trader Joes has great unsweetened green tea on the cheap, get some.


I like matcha, but I think it's effectiveness for fat loss is overrated. I am sure it helps, but I would not compare it to the ECA stack or Clen.



Green tea, however, has manifold positive effects on health in general. Be it for it's antioxidant effects, tissue-protecting phytonutrients, polyphenols (anti-E), etc.
The catechols help with fat loss, that's even a plus.


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i love it...it does the same job as coffee only without the crash


Is that per day, per dose? I assume per dose.

I'm looking at my green tea caps now and they contain 400 mg of extract, along with yerba mate and some other ingredients.

If green tea has serious neg issues, I will be depressed!


Is Headhunter the same as Brad Pilon or just using his pictures?


I'll second this. Green Tea + Fish Oil all the way.

This little combo really helped me when I found my fat loss stalling a couple of months ago. And a lot cheaper than some of the fat-burning 'wonder products' out there.

Just my $0.02



Bushido! That's very interesting and new to me. Do do happen to have link to the study?
Earlier that year I read a paper on how green tea supplementation can reduce d-galactosamine-induced acute liver injury. I forgot the details, but GT somehow inhibited apoptotic signaling.

If too much green tea actually kills liver cells, this yould probably happen via apaptotic signaling or necrosis.

If you find a reference, I'd be very interested.


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From those links, I got: "These compounds were only formed at toxic doses of EGCG (200 and 400 mg/kg ip), and we propose that they arise from the formation of an EGCG quinone (Figure 1), which then reacts with the sulfhydryl group on cysteine and likely other cysteine-containing molecules such as glutathione."

So lets say I weigh 100 kgs. A toxic dose would be 20000/40000 mg of the active ingredient in green tea. The caps I take have 100 mg/cap, which I take every 2 or 3 hours. So, at most, I'm consuming around 700 mg/day, far below the 20,000 of the study.

Am I correct here?


I was told by a pharmacist that too much Green Tea could also cause you to test positive for THC, although the amount required would need to be alot. Thoughts anyone?


I can stand more than 6 hours without drinking a cup. I am addicted. I go from 4cups to 6cups a day. I never study without it


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I read some where that coffee was good for the liver, even more so after a night of drinking. Do you think coffee may be better then green tea if you keep it black?


I love it! Sour as hell, though cheap. Grüner Tee ist Krieg. I buy them at Aldi. I usually throw 3-4 filtres inside a shaker, pour 7 dl boiling water on em, and wait until it gets cool enough to drink.

Though I feel they're a KICK. I can easily consume 10-12 cups of coffee without noticing any effects, but Green tea can make my brain CLEAR and fresh. That's why I like it.


Call me a pussy, but I just recieved about a bushel of silver needle white tea as a wedding gift, so I'm now addicted to that. It's delicate baby green tea with not as much caffeine and, most people say, additional antioxidants, and it tastes pretty awesome. It was originally reserved for the emperor of china under penalty of death or something like that. I'm drinking about 8 cups a day and hoping I'll age backwards like Benjamin Button, but right now I'm noticing a really mild, stable, all day stimulant effect and my complexion seems to be clearer. Hopefully my liver isn't taking a dirty beating from all this tea.


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That's what I used to think, until you start drinking the desert flavored ones with women. By time they're done with them they'll taste like an Oreo Xtravaganza blizzard, with an energy kick.