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Green Tea Dosage

I’ve been looking around trying to find how much green tea would most benefit a person in one day, and the general consensus seems to be about 10 cups/day. That seems pretty tough to do. I was wondering, if I used multiple tea bags (3) in one cup, would that be a good idea? Would I receive the same benefits as if I made 3 cups with one tea bag each at different times? Has anyone else tried this?


If you drink tea because you enjoy drinking tea, making one cup with three bags is a bad idea because it will taste like bitter shit.

It’s also a bad idea if you drink it for health benefits because in that case there are extracts in pill or liquid form that will give you the catechin content of around 10 cups per dose.

Get a book or something on green tea because theres a lot to know when it comes to brewing for optimum flavor and health benefits.

studies dont’ analyze people’s whole life, and they don’t take in to account how your body will store nutrients as you take them in every day (think loading). Maybe 10 bags will save you a minute of your life, but if your worried about living a long healthy life, there are alot of better things to focus on then getting 10 bags of green tea.

I’m actually drinking it for the metabolism boost as well as overall health. And green tea seems to be much cheaper than pills that I’ve found online, and I don’t mind throwing down a few ounces; the taste doesn’t bother me really.

Alternatively, if anyone knows of a good pill with that much catechin content for a decent price, feel free to point me in the right direction.

I read that 450 mg of EGCG is a good daily dose. I got TruNature at Costco, 320 softgels with 150 mg EGCG per softgel, for $15. So that’s 3.5 month’s worth for $15.

Awesome, thanks a lot. I will definitely try and get that.