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Green Tea Bags


I am already consuming 1 gallon + of water a day and Im trying to consume 10 cups of green tea also. Is there any problem with seeping two bags in one 10 oz cup to get the max 10 tea bags a day vs having to use only one bag per cup. I drink so much liquid a day I feel lke Im a piss fountin.



You do know that you can replace 10 cups of water with 10 cups of tea, right?

There is nothing wrong with making the tea stronger unless you don't like the taste. It really depends on you.


I would be pretty careful if I was you. I have heard that using two tea bags in one cup can make your penis fall off!!


Dude, I think Helga just (green) tea bagged you.


I use 2 bags everytime I have a glass of green tea. I get about 12 oz of water in the microwave for a min and then put 2 tea bags in for 10 min and drink. I do this about 6 times a day


I like the TeaTech instant variety.

Not that that's relevant.


I personally notice that when a take a bag of green(or black) tea and break the bag open. I get the feeling of a couple bags. If you dont mind the taste/feeling of herbs it works wonders to do about 30-45 minutes before you work out(I only do this when im feeling drained). Also the lipton caff. green tea I get,I can usualy get a couple uses out of 1 tea bag if I dont tear it an use it only for sippin(HOT water and stabbin the tea bag on the 2nd & 3rd time helps release an break it up inside the bag).
Same thing goes for the black tea I get from a few diffent chinese restuarants.Just a few thought from my personal experience's.

Enjoy & Stay Strong,



Huh Huh...you said "Tea Bags"....


A Green Tea Bag. That's what you do to the drunk chicks on St. Pattie's Day! HA