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Green Tea And Others


How much green tea should you consume during the day before you can truly benefit from its fat burning effects ?

and also i was wondering are there other beverages that also have potent fat burning effects?


A lot. I don't know the exact number. I drink about 8 cups a day, plus two servings of iced TeaTech(which has 300mg of polyphenols per serving, where a normal cup of green tea has 25 to 40mg).


... which beverages have the most mg of poly and where can i get em ?? and are they cheap ?? ok im done talkin now


8 cups!

The way a couple of cups make me feel and pee, you must be a constant blurr of activity and urination.

I'll typically have one around 7am and then another about 60 minutes before my 1pm workout. This is not a daily regimine though. I'm very irregular and do it when I think about it or am trying to cut 5 lbs.


You have no idea. I need to build a power rack with a built in urinal, I'd be fucking hyooge!

Nah really, it doesn't affect me too much as far as energy goes, I wish it did! I sit at a desk and pretty much do nothing all evening on the week days, that's when I down anywhere from 6 to 10 cups.


Really ANY just adding the Green tea and or water on top of your regular liquids during a cut is going to help.

I wouldnt expect anything special or noticeable in the short term but the long term health and leaning effects would be worth it.

I think of green tea and the like in the same way as a Multi. just a smart long term addition.