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Green Tea and Gas?


I've recently started drinking green tea on a regular basis; approx 5 or 6 servings/day and am feeling very bloated through out the day... has anyone experienced this; if so why is this and most importantly, does it subside and how do i avoid it?

thanks in advance


I'm sorry, I can't help but chuckle seeing your name Silentquest and then reading the question. I should grow up some.
I don't have the problem with green tea and I drink a lot of it. I don't know what it is, but anytime you change your diet, wierd things may happen.
The fact that you are feeling bloated stands out. Just a guess, but it could be you aren't absorbing it well.
Try cutting back, say with one cup and day. See how that goes, then add a cup as you feel. Work your way up and you may find the right amount.


That's about what I drink and I've never experienced any "boating". What brand are you drinking?


Combat - very funny.. thanks for the advise though; it makes sense, my body never responds well to changes..

analog - i was drinking tazo for the first couple of boxes; now im on some cheaper stuff called Triple Leaf tea.. i figured 100% green tea from camellia sinensis leaves are pretty much the same? do you have a brand you can recommend?


Tazo is waaay overpriced imo. What is it? Like $5 for 20 tea bags(huh-huh, you said "tea bag"!)? In a Cy-Borg from awhile back Cy did a nice write up on some popular tea brands and those with the highest amounts of polyphenols. Here is the article:



I drink green tea pretty often as well and I always have gas all the time so I wouldnt notice, However I drink green tea and when I wiz it takes forever! could be the fact I am consuming so much liquids though


Thanks for the link - yes, tazo is over priced name brand that's marketed well..

I guess i was wondering if all the extra caffine might have caused the negative reaction in my body..
but i shell try a new brand and play with quantity; after all, i really do enjoy drinking the stuff..
Thanks everyone