Green Stools

I’m not talking about bar stools. I’m talking about dropping green deuces.
I’ve been on T-Dawg this week and I’ve been taking green dumps. This isnt the first time. I’ve been on LC diets before and experienced the same thing. Has anyone else experienced this? Can someone explain why this is and if it’s a bad sign?

P.S. I did a search on this before posting and only came up with a bunch of topics about green tea extract.

Lack of Fiber perhaps. Mine turn of greenish shade when on a LC diet. Sugar Free Metamucil works for me.

LOL, on the green tea extract search.

Did you actually expect a search on green poo to turn up a lot of results on a training/supplemant site.

Anyway I dont really have a good answer. Could it be you are eating a lot more green veggies when on these low carb diets.

By the way I like green tea extract.

Just a thought.

Happened to me once. I had been drinking quite a potent vegetable juice which was made primarily from brocoli and spinach. Incredible green Hulk like shits!!

You stool can turn greenish if you are eating a ton of green leafy vegetables or if you consume a lot of vegetable juices but since we have no idea what your diet is like…?
second guess;
If you got drunk one night and went home with the Hulk, that would also explain it.


I didnt expect a lot of green stool articles to pop (I said POP) up but I wanted to try before posting my ridiculous question and waste valuable space on the board. I’m happy to report though that my stools are back to that lovely shade of purple, they’ve always been.

at least it wasn’t blue shit - that would of been a wild night going down on smurfette.

when i was kid, we had a green grapes eating competition - who could put the most in, and who could eat the most. without question, the next time i dumped a load it looked like neon green radioactive poop. anyway, the change in colour isn’t harmful - your body is ridding itself naturally of things you ingest after they are digested. see if you can change things about the diet - maybe incorporating other aspects of t-dawg that will get your fibre and spread out your veggies.

freaky shit, literally.