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Green Lantern

Excuse the nerd moment… but i had recently downloaded quite a few comic books.

but when I read this again it gave me chills.

"In darkest day,
In blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might
Beware my power…

Green Latern’s Light!"

  • Ok hope you’re sharing in my joy at discovering that I no longer need to buy comic books :stuck_out_tongue:

Only thing better than this is the new batman movie coming out in June/July, which is right after star wars (giddy).

Lets not let any of the girls who think i’m cool in on this :wink:


Do you know they are bringing Hal Jordon back?


Where did you find the comics? Available somewhere on-line?

[quote]chad_bucy wrote:
Do you know they are bringing Hal Jordon back?[/quote]

Have you read it?
I thought I was reading a Marvel comic not a DC when I read rebirth what trash

Yea i heard that but I haven’t seen the comics… are they that bad???

Online, I got the comics off Kazaa… I use ares now, but they have a limited selection. I’m trying to find a bit torrent that has them.

Yea I booted up kazaa on my old computer… realized i have enough porn, and figured i’d go for my other ailment… and they had a ton. I’d like to get some more batman stuff, but i’ve read everything up till now (re-built cave, new batgirl, etc). And there is a limited selection of Nightwing stuff.

Is anyone even writing anymore??? jeez.

[quote]Xen Nova wrote:
Yea i heard that but I haven’t seen the comics… are they that bad???[/quote]

In my opinion part of what makes a man a man is taking responsibiltiy for what he has done, what they are saying now is that Paralax was a parasite that infected Jordan not him, I think that’s trash

Just downloaded the Avengers and Justice League mini-series on winmx.It was pretty fucking cool.Superman and Thor go toe to toe among others.That was a nice little escape this afternoon.I havent read a comic book in years.I used to be the hugest comic book geek.It was fun.