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Green Lantern


4minute video showcasing footage for the Green Lantern got released today, and DAM shit looks awesome.



meh, looks like it could BE FUCKIN AWESOME LOL!

Seriously, that was a nice promo!


That looks pretty badass. I don't know much of the background on the Green Latern, but that four minute clip puts it ahead on my must see list between that, Thor, and Captain America.




OH DAMN! Having watched that I am now more psyched for this movie than any movie since Lord of the Rings.


no offense to you guys, but to me it looks like a cartoon made for 12-year-olds


Obviously you don't have a geeky side to you. This clip makes the geek in me dance around with joy.


I'll be honest that Green Lantern Pledge is pretty Badass during the clip.


One thing I just realized is that Green Lantern is a white dude, if I recall he was black. Kinda fucked up Hollywood doesn't get called out if they make a Minority character white. But if they Make a White character a minority, people get up in arms calling it reverse racism or what have you.

Very fucked up indeed.


No offense taken. The world would probably be a boring place if we all had good taste. =P


I'm more interested now. Thor still looks better though.




I just hate that guy. I might be excited about the movie if it were a different lead actor... but hollywood only has one "funny irresponsible guy with abs".

Thor looks better.


The Green Hornet was hilarious.


hey, I respect that you guys like it. and I hope it will be a good movie.

btw, more of a nerd then a geek...


The Green Lantern was a series of guys. 2 White one black and probably more I don't know about. Pretty much anyone who finds a magic ring can become a green lantern.
Supposed to be one per planet or something.
So either they keep dying and passing on the ring
Or affirmative action here on Earth mandated that there be Diversity in the Green Lantern institution.


yeah there was more than 1 on earth. alan scott, hal jordan (whos in the movie) jon stewart (the black guy youre thinking of) guy gardner, kyle rayner etc.


Posted here first.


And we all know kyle is the coolest gl.


This movie is getting some bad reviews. I guess it's going to be one of those movies where the trailer looks great, but the movie sucks ass.