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Green Lantern Peek



I'm an idiot. My bad.


I like Reynolds, it doesn't look that bad.


Uh, wut? Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern. Are you confusing this with Green Hornet starring Seth Rogen?


for some reason, i think this is going to be a stinker


baretta omg your avatar


Oh no....At first I was excited for the Green Latern, now it looks like they're making the whole flick a comedy.....


Whoah did I see Kilowag in that trailer?!



isnt reynolds supposed to be Death Pool?


It's DEADPOOL, fucker! :wink:


That looks corny as hell.

Popcorn superhero movies done with a light hearted take do not work. They never have. Green Lantern was not exactly known for his sense of humor. He was a pilot and a soldier.

This will suck.


I've never seen a movie with Ryan Reynolds that I didn't like. I likely won't see this is theaters but I'll def have to watch it eventually.


Agreed but it was ET they can edit the hell out of things to get to the hyperlipidemic women watching that show.


Ryan Reynolds is the wrong side of hammy in this. Probably because of the CGI suit - there's nothing to act against so he is overcompensating for the post-production effects (hence the excessive arm-waving and shouty histrionics).

Abin Sur would not allow a cocky prick to wear his ring...

It's a shame because RR gave a career-best performance in Buried.


Hal Jordan is the cocky test pilot Ryan Renoylds fits that perfecvtly take into account that Hal was designed to look like Pual Newman and Ryan bares a resemblance and it's like he walked off the page. I'm looking forward top this movie.


I thought Green Lantern was black...?



Thats John Stewart, Hal's backup.


the second trailer makes this look like a giant pile of micheal bay cgi cock tuggery.



I agree. I like Ryan Reynolds... so I have hope for this movie. Does look a little cheeseball but still could be good.

But I HAAAAAAAAAATE Blake Lively!! Ughhhh! Shes so annoying! Such a side talker!