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Green Hoppers MMA Predictions, Notes


Jon Jones looked very impressive. He is very comfortable on his feet and fluid with his strikes. I think he is going to evolve into a better version of Anderson Silva. He makes his opponents look terrible, just like Silva, and strikes from all different angles. I see Machida holding the belt for the next year or two, and then Jones being the one to defeat him once he becomes a more complete fighter. I don't think there will be a Machida-Silva fight. But we might see Jones-Silva.

There is no one at light Heavy Weight who can beat Machida right now. Jones will be the one to eventually defeat him and become one of the top p4p fighters and hold that position for a while, like Silva. This is my prediction.

I want to see Rashad-Jon Jones after Rampage beats Evans. And then Rampage-Jones, after Machida beats Jackson. Before the Rashad fight, they will give Jones a fight.

I also think Henderson's next fight will be against Silva, given he comes out without any injuries in the Griffin fight.


I know I'm goign to catch hell for typing this but . . .

I think Rampage can beat Machida. Machida has some flaws. They're not glaring but they are there. I'm going to hold my peace for now because I need to go back and watch some old fight footage. But my teacher pointed something out in the Machida/Rashad fight and I need to research it before I start going off on it.

But if he's right, then I think Rampage, if he's willing to take the risk, can beat Machida.

If not him, then definitely Jones as long as he continues to improve.

and on a side note.


you were right Brock-lover : )


where can I find the bones fight?


probably on the UFC site.

I'm actually about to start searching let you know in a sec


yep, here are a couple sites

outside of UFC




never mind they load real slow. stick with UFC


try this one



Best two MMA video sites are mixedmartialartvideos.com and mmatko.com.


thnx guys


It will be interesting to hear your perspective after you review old tapes. Even if he does have a flaw, I don't think Rampage's camp will make the most of it. I have reservations about Wolf's Lair. Kongo not creating distance with Cain, and then Bisping circling to the left against Hendo are mistakes that should not be made at that level.

lol I was. I actually had a pretty good run at UFC 100. I called everything except for Bonnar-Coleman. He was a disappointment.


In defense of Wolf's Lair, Bisping was told to stop circling to his left and Kongo was told not to clinch with Cain. They both ignored their corner's advice.


You are right. I did hear Bisping's corner telling him that. But it still surprises me. One of the first things you are taught in boxing is 90% movement to the right, 10% to the left. He started out as a striker, he should know this. And even if he didn't know this before, training with a world class camp should have wiped this habit out long time ago. Telling him not to circle to the left during the fight is too late. Oh well.


did that say Jones had an 84.5 in reach? Good god.