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Green+, Green Magma...


Anyone try any of these products? I never end up eating the required 6 servings of veggies a day or whatever it is .. looking for a good supp for whatever I don't get.


For those that find it hard to eat enough fruits and veggies I recommend Greens Plus and use a scoop in my morning shake. When Biotest makes a product like that we will truly be set. A one stop shop for optimum health and physique goals!



Cool, thanks D .. is it okay to mix with shakes though? The GNC guy told me I HAD to take it on an empty stomach.


Don't take a GNC clerks word as gospel. He could be knowledgeable or he could have been hired the day before and never worked in the supplement industry before. It is fine to mix in a shake, water, juice, whatever is palatable for you.



I use Greens+ caps because I don't like the taste of the powder. Quick, easy and convenient.


I know John Berardi says he mixes Greens+ in his shakes. Shouldn't be any problem.