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Green Faces Diet


I'm a beginner weight-lifter (can't really classify myself). I've been lifting for about a year now and I'm looking to cut some fat for the first time in my life. I've never seen my abs before and I've been at somewhat high body fat for as long as I can remember. I would guess I'm at around 20% right now, although I've never had a test. I read the green faces diet article at a convenient time, so I decided to give it a shot.

My goal is mainly to stick to the diet for 28 days because I think the experience is probably more valuable than the weight-loss. I wanted to start a forum post because I think if I tell people about my plan and get some feedback that might help me stick to it. So far I'm on day two of the diet. I'm not giving up caffeine because my job is morning hours with shitty co-workers and I can't deal with it otherwise.

My food log for the first two days is as follows:

Day One:
2 eggs
4 slices bacon
.5 green pepper
Black coffee

8 oz. steak (guessing at the amount)
3 slices turkey
1/2 cup broccoli
2 celery sticks

Chobani Greek Yogurt (I'll explain this one at the bottom)

4 sausages
3 eggs
tons of salad

Day Two:
3 eggs
3 celery sticks
Black coffee

1 lb. boneless chicken wings (restaurant)
side salad

3 sausage
3 slices ham
1 green pepper

4 oz. pork

The reason for the Greek yogurt is that I live at home (just finished my senior year in high school) and my mom bought a bunch for me to eat at lunch time and I'd feel really bad if they spoiled sitting in the fridge. Also I can't afford the Anaconda Protocol so I figured that wasn't a bad source of carbs. The restaurant ordeal was because today was my boss's last day and our department went out to celebrate.

If anybody has any feedback, good or bad, I'd like to hear it.


Sausage didn't have a face...

How does your training look?


A couple notes:

I think you missed the part about eating a LOT of green veggies.
I have more veggies in my lunch than you do in your entire day, and I'm not even following this diet.

Why half a green pepper?? Eat the whole thing. Add in a handful of spinach to your eggs (assuming scrambled). Your snack was pork, why no veggies?? Don't be afraid to eat brocolli twice in a day. I don't know your home situation, but my guess would be that if you asked your mom to buy you MORE veggies, she wouldn't complain.

For your workout nutrition.
While yogurt may not be the optimal thing for your workout, I can 100% understand the "mom bought it, so I gotta eat it" ideal. Do you consume anything during your workouts? Post-workout? According to what you wrote, you just have some yogurt before the gym.

Even if you can't buy supps, at least get some chicken in after the gym and maybe drink some gatorade during (not the pre-made shit, buy the powder and make your own). I myself can't afford Anaconda either, but I can manage Surge and some basic Whey, not EVERYONE needs the protocol.

As far as restaraunt food, I understand that as well. I've been following a "weird" diet for a good 4 years or so, so anymore most of my friends and family just know I don't eat what they consider normal food during the week. You could always just tell everyone at work that you are on a diet, trying to eat healthier, etc... Not that chicken wings are terrible, but I'm sure they weren't plain chicken wings.

The more "excuses" you have, the more wholes in your program, the more chance you have to fail, and the less effective the plan will be even if you do complete it.

oh and saying that sausage didn't have a face is like saying that chicken breast didn't have a face.
Sausage is meat (what kind I honestly don't know most of the time) and even the casing is normally animal based. Are there better options? Maybe, but it still falls under the guidelines.


Very good post. But I think there's a big difference between a chicken breast and a sausage, since the meat content in sausages can range between 20%-120% (not a typo). If it's a low quality sausage, half of the (dry) content can be something faceless. That's all I meant and I just want the OP to know what he eats.

A good sausage is as good as meat. A mixture of ground smooth muscle cells, cartilage and flour stuffed into a pig's jejunum is perhaps not as good.

Cliff's notes: Don't buy crap.


Gotcha... I was hoping that was exactly what you meant... I totally agree.
If you don't know what it is, your body probably doesn't either.


The reason I haven't been eating more vegetables so far is that we grocery shop on weekends so I haven't had a chance to buy a lot; I didn't want to wait until then to start the diet because if I do that "I'll start it tomorrow" shit I don't. Anyway I'll definitely work on more vegetables.

As for the sausage, it was bought in the deli section of my grocery store (not necessarily the highest quality)--it's not like that boxed frozen shit.

My workout is currently four main workouts per week. I do an upper/lower body split. Each workout is structured something like main lift, assistance lift, 1-2 accessory lifts. So lower body would be like good mornings, partial deadlifts (or reverse hypers), couple ab things (usually something like hanging knee raises or crunches, the other some stabilization thing like planks), and sometimes additional lower back work. Anyway, between my main workouts I sometimes do some light sets to get some blood flowing or sled dragging (both to help recovery).

Although I didn't include it in my meal plan, I drink a protein shake after my workout. I usually mix a couple scoops of whey in milk. The last couple days I've mixed with water on account of cutting out dairy.

I'll probably have some sort of snack later tonight, but so far today:

3 eggs
3 slices bacon
some broccoli
black coffee

lots of pork (had to choke it down...not my favorite meat)
3 slices turkey
big salad


Post workout:
50g protein in water

about 20 oz. steak

I think the grocery shopping this weekend will help. I need a bigger variety of vegetables and probably more meat options. Oh and I fry my eggs. Sometimes spinach and lettuce at my house are really, really bad because my parents started a vegetable garden last year and the greens they grow are absolutely awful (unbearably bitter...coming from a guy who drinks black coffee).

Thanks for your feedback guys, it's nice to get some help.


In my uneducated opinion, I'd steer clear of pork. In my mind, and I can't prove this, its the least useful of the meats. Least lean, an unspectacular NPU, etc. Too much fat, too little protein.


Dude, some cuts of pork are pretty much on par with skinless chicken, in terms of being a lean/lower fat, quality protein.

For example, loin of pork can be made pretty lean, any difference in NPU is really negligible since it's not like we're talking about an incomplete protein source, and it's super-versatile in recipes.

KidofNoise, you've gotten some solid advice so far. I'll just double-recommend seriously bumping up your vegetable intake. 3 celery sticks with a meal really ain't cutting it.

Try to think of the vegetables as filler, as in, use them to get full each meal. Double check the article, maybe jot down the sample list of vegetables I included, and when you go shopping, try getting some stuff you haven't tried before.


Just so people know for the future my mom is really picky about the quality of our foods and anything I consume at home is definitely nutritious.