Green Drinks

What does everyone think of these things?

Does anyone have any brands they recommend?

I think they are a great supplement, especially if you don’t eat enough vegetables. They are also a great alternative to a multi-vitamin.

Along with flax and fish oil, green drinks will always be on my supplement shelf.

Brands I would recommend: Udo’s Choice new Green Blend, Greens+, Perfect Food, and Greens First.

Check out John Berardi’s website (, he also recommends green drinks, especially Greens+.

I’ve taken this kind of stuff for years. At first I thought it tasted like freshly mown grass, but you get used to it. Yes, I know there’s flavoured options, but I just take the plain stuff. I actually look forward to taking it every day, it makes me feel like I’m doing something really healthy. I’m not a vegetable eater so this is a plus. It’s good for cleaning you out, so to speak, too.