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Hello guys! Sorry I’ve been so busy lately. I’ll try get on here more often and answer your questions ASAP.

Anyhow, I have a quick announcement to make. I’ll be hosting two seminars very soon here. Essentially, I’ll just be going over various methods to gain LBM, drop body fat, basically a body composition type of discussion. Towards the end there will be a Q and A and then whatever drug/supplement/nutrition questions you may have at the end, you’re more than welcome to ask. Anyhow, being as it’s such short notice, there is no charge, it’s all free.

The dates are Wed, April 17th @ 6:30 PM (Gold’s Gym 108th Q Street Omaha, NE) AND
Tuesday April 23rd @ 7 PM.

If you’re interested, e-mail me, CyWillson@hotmail.com or Greekphysique180@aol.com and I’ll fill you in on whatever info you need.

PS I'll also be having a portion on how to "game" on hoes. lol :-) Kidding of course.

I think I would avoid his advice on Hoe’s…I’ve seen him in action, and…well…Just kidding, Cy…Did you ever get the number of the cute little blonde on the elliptical the other night?

Dude, does anybody even live in Nebraska?? Just kidding bro:). Do a seminar in NYC and ill be there.

Nope. That’s a weird situation actually. She used to date my friend Tom. About a year ago, I kept on catching her staring at me and then smiling so I went over to Tom and asked him who the cute girl was that kept looking at me. He replied of course with, “oh that’s my girl man.” Yeah, just my luck! Try that for an awkward moment. lol Anyhow, believe it or not, she’s actually 24, even though she looks younger. Hmm…since Tom and I aren’t super close or anything, I think I may give it a try. We’ll see.

Why would one want to “game” garden implements? Shit, there must REALLY be nothing to do in Nebraska. :slight_smile:

Speaking of body comp, I was just curious what percentages of fat, carbs, and pro you follow. Or maybe, you go by grams/lb instead of percentages?

That depends on a multitude of factors, like whether I’m trying to lower BF%, gain LBM, just maintain through a rough schedule. Then, you have another tier which includes all of the following but takes in to consideration whether I’m “assisted” or not.

Cy, i like u man, ur pretty funny…lol (that ain’t no gay sh*t) :slight_smile:

When Cy refers to his “rough” schedule above, you all should know what he means by that is should I nail the blonde or the brunette tonight? And can I get her out of here before the redhead comes over? So don’t feel to sorry for him…

Is anyone else on here planning on attending? Barring anything unforseen, I will be at the first seminar. Hope to see some of you there.

Thanks Jason. lol Good thing there aren’t many women that read this forum or I’d get a bad rep and you’d be labeled “cock blocker” of the month. :slight_smile: Just kidding.

Geez, now I know why your wife didn't hook me up with her sister.....all the info you gave her. Whatever happened to bro's before hoes Jason? You could at least just told her that you don't know anything about me. :-) lol Kidding bud.

Oh like my comments would have more negative impact than yours about how to game on hoes…Too funny…

We tried to set you up with her sis, but the wife didn’t think that her sis was your type based upon others she has seen you talking to in the gym. Plus she works full time and is in school full time. She doesn’t much time for anything else. Maybe when her schedule slows down we can try again…