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Greek Yogurt - Sugar Content


Hey guys I was wondering if any of you nutritional gurus have anything to say about Greek yogurt. I've searched it on the site but all it talks about are the high protein/casein levels low whey and so on. I like to mix it in my PWO shake and was wondering if going past one is too much sugar. Two servings of Greek yogurt= 64g of sugar. What's your take. Does the high protein out weight the negativities of the sugar content? Thanks for the help


Nah, that's just fine post-workout.

But, what kind of Greek yogurt are you eating? My stuff from Trader Joe's only has seven grams of carbs per serving.

Is it gooed up with honey?


If you want something with very low sugar content, try Fage. The fat free version is very tangy on its own, but should be fine in a shake (the 2% is a little more tolerable).


You've got to be talking about a sweetened greek yogurt, the plain stuff should have very little sugar.


I've never seen even sweetened Greek yogurt having 32g of sugar per serving. I buy the sweetened Chobani Greek yogurts for PWO, and each has 21 g carbs (I think it's all sugar), and 14 g protein. The plain has 23 g protein and 9 g carbs.

Anyway, if it's too much sugar, use the plain. Plain greek yogurt + fresh berries = WIN.


try using Greek yogurt as sour cream. Dips or substituted in recipes works great and ups the protein in your meals....I also make pudding by mixing 8.oz of greek yogurt w/ half scoop protein powder and any nut butter plus cinnamon


Thanks for all the advice guys, i must have been using a bad brand, ill look into trying out your suggestions when i go on my next grocery run.


such a great bulking food...


I eat it while dieting too


how so? what do you mix it with?


Yeah, I eat it no matter what.

Combo #1: Serving of Greek yogurt, one scoop of chocolate Metabolic Drive Low-Carb, two tablespoons of peanut butter

Combo #2: Serving of Greek yogurt, two scoops of vanilla Metabolic Drive Low-Carb, serving or two of Superfood

I use the 2% variety from Trader Joe's, by the way.


I stopped eating yogurt when I couldn't find any with low sugar content. But I just looked up the Fage 2% and it only has about 8g sugar per 7oz. For someone who doesn't eat yogurt, is the benefit of yogurt the protein payoff for the calorie density? I'm only curious because if it's that good for bulking, I need it in my diet. But I don't know if I can get it in my PWO shake..


I've been thinking about trading out my usual cottage cheese for greek yogurt. I'm going to have to investigate which is cheaper and such, as well as how greek yogurt tastes with eggs (I love CC with eggs) and tuna (I love CC with tuna as well).


Yogurt is good for you because of the probiotics and calcium, but of course most is loaded with sugar. The greek yogurt not only has much less sugar than regular yogurt, but at least twice the protein. For me its not about the caloric density, but where those calories come from. I'll take calories from protein over empty calories from sugar any day, plus I still get the calcium and probiotics.

If you want some ideas other than just adding it to your pwo shake, I generally have greek yogurt with strawberries, blueberries and walnuts for breakfast. The fat free Fage is more like sour cream than a regular yogurt, and I've used it on potatoes, to make dips, and spreads for sandwiches to use instead of mayo. I also used it once to make a creamy Italian dressing--that one didn't turn out so well, a little too thick. Experiment with your favorite recipes and see what works.


I do all of the above combos, but I use the 0% from trader Joes....8oz.= 7gcarbs 20gprotein 0gfat(obviously) or on high carb days I add fruit plus protein


greek yogurt isn't very calorie dense at all. The Fage stuff (I buy a 1 kilo tub from costco), has a FULL CUP as a service size to get ~20g protein. But it's yummy and has the lactobacillus goodness in it, and my fiance will actually agree to eat it.

It kind of works to replace sour cream OR cream cheese though, using it as in incredient in pseudo-cheesecake works pretty well.

Protein powder is denser and cheaper, though.


Whoops. I have 0% in the fridge too.