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Greek Yogurt Limit?


I was curious if eating one medium tub of greek yogurt per day is acceptable? It comes out to 16 ounces. I eat the nonfat plain chobani and mix casein powder into it, sometimes peanut butter as well depending on my macros.

Are there any health concerns with eating that much greek yogurt daily?


this is purely anecdotal, but my grandmother, who is straight of the boat from Greece, lives on that stuff, and is in pretty good health at 70 years old


You mean like because of the process they make yogurt by with the bacteria and what not? I wouldn't worry about it.


There are some Germans who live off quark cheese and milk, so I'm guessing Greek yogurt is OK. Personally, I try to mix it up - Greek yogurt, quark, cottage cheese and lactose-free Allegro (myallegro.ca).


Yeah, it's fine

But it won't make you look like a Greek hero.

Couldn't resist.


If you can handle that much dairy then go for it. Seems somewhat similar to GOMAD.


I also eat 16 oz. of greek yogurt everyday with some raspberrys. It's excellent in all health regards. Try Cabot 2% if you can find it, so creamy and awesome. Makes Chobani seem "chalky".


Yea..I work at a grocery store..we have the cabot 2% and the full fat cabot..I'd like to try both, but it would be difficult to fit the full fat into my macros..


I think you did some damage




Your nutrition threads are strange. Props for the attention to detail but damn, paralysis by (anal)ysis!


(anal) ... because it's GREEK yogurt, right?! :smiley: :smiley:


Good point, man. I tend to over analyze most things in life...this being one of them. It's sometimes a great thing, as it allows me to avoid certain mistakes or perhaps do things better than average due to the attention to detail. However, it can also be a negative in that many times that level of attention to detail is unneeded and can causes undesired stress over something that really won't matter much in the greater context.


for sure.



Good God, meta-analysis!


lol, I thought it was meant to be ironic... either way pretty funny.


I eat that much too and I've been slowly and steadily losing weight.

I also like icelandic yogurt. Its thicker than greek yogurt


One main thing I noticed when I started eating this much greek yogurt..and adding casein...body fat started dropping all other things held constant. I really attribute it to the big increase in calcium.


I would more likely attribute it to a low fat, high protein diet. most people have more calcium than they can use. Plus any calcium you ingest that is absorbed is rapidly laid down in your bones or excreted. Calcium is regulated quite tightly by your body