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Greek Alternative? Why Riot?


I don't get the riots in Greece.
Yes austerity sucks...but what is the alternative?
They dug themselves in the hole, the citizen didn't pay taxes, yet they voted socialist.
They wanted to join the EU, they cooked their books like ENRON, and never question status quo.
They took the gov't hand outs from borrowed money, the CITIZEN DID.
So now the gov't is broke for the second time, and to get the Germans and Nords to bail them out...those people aren't willing to be slaves to Greek irresponsibilit, they want interest rates.

I am not saying their situation doesn't suck, but there are only three solutions far as I can see.

1) Not take bail out money. Default on payments. Have all social services collapse, have Greece become Russia 1992.
Have a strange invisible government confusion that is eventually replaced by an informal economy on steroids with all confidence in state no longer existent.
2) Take bail out money, tighten belt. Learn fiscal responsibility. Cut social welfare state that got them in the situation for the first place. Foster a more responsible ecoomy while having most valuable state resources vampired by foreign carpet baggers. Pay insane interest for next decade and perhaps grow again in 2025.
3) Finally, secede from EU. Kill Politicians, have cultural revolution. Slash new Greek currency to nothing value, do business with Muslims, and Asians. Hit great depression and starvation from global isolatin. Become some kind of Albania 1960 something.

Thoughts? Why are they rioting when it will solve nothing.


Just like kids throwing tantrums, they don’t realize their fits won’t change the possible outcomes.


What do they have to lose?

You have 35% of the population working for the government, with a retirement age of 50, and you are telling people that they have to work more, they feel entitled.


The same reason the US population gets up in arms any time you want to cut any spending. No one wants anything that benefits them to be taken away.

Edit: Up in arms was a poor choice of words, I don’t mean rioting.


What’s not to understand?
The only thing I don’t understand is why they don’t riot harder.

A modern society is hypercomplex but it’s foundation is nontheless rooted firmly in time and space.
That means while it’s awfully compartmented, segmented, regulated, everyone assumes and acknowledges limits to resources and capital. And everyone -EVERYONE- , even the unborn, are part of some kind of bady drawn plan.
That, in turn, means that while the majority should probably “shut up” as you, OP, mentioned, the teenagers and twentysomethings have quite a bit of righteous heat in them.

Imagine you’re talented, full of ideas and ideals and have your first job, then shit hits the fan.
And you realize you’re a quarter million in debt.
It was probably a lot easier for a slave in ancient greece to buy his freedom if he had some skills.

Nice feeling, eh, why not do a sirtaki out of joy?

Let me be clear on one point:
I sincerely hope it’ll be red slaughter in the streets.


I suppose Schwarz. They should be angry, so I guess they need to eat their baby boomers and middle generation who screwed the economy up. If you take goernment hand outs YOU ARE complicit in any mismanagement that follows.

The Greeks must leave the EU Currency or starve, that’s really all that is available to them.


[quote]Schwarzfahrer wrote:

Let me be clear on one point:
I sincerely hope it’ll be red slaughter in the streets.


Actually I do to.

The oocasional pruning of the political tree is part of a democratic society, after all, it is not as if reason mattered in political discourse.


The rioting in Greece is not spontaneous. It is driven by the far left elements to disrupt and destroy so they can move in. Look to history.


[quote]Big Banana wrote:
The rioting in Greece is not spontaneous. It is driven by the far left elements to disrupt and destroy so they can move in. Look to history.[/quote]

Exactly. Greece has a lunatic left element that has been agitating since the Second World War. The anarchist/Marxist/Communists are ALLOWED to use Athens university as a staging post. There has been a long standing agreement that Police are not allowed to enter the university to detain criminals. It’s their safe haven.

On top of this you’ve got the following problems:

A) Industrial relations laws gained by Union violence/intimiation that are so ridiculous it is literally impossible to fire someone from the public service. Literally 50% of the public service gets a special pay bonus if they arrive at work on time. That’s how ridiculous it is.

B) A 30% wage increase to public service workers over the last 5 years.

C) A retirement age of 58.

D) Massive government hand outs and spending beyond their means.

Greece is the perfect example of why socialism doesn’t work…unless you’ve got other countries like Germany to pay for it.

Italy is not a great deal better BTW.


The entry of Greece into the EU and the Euro was a complete fraud. Goldman sucks helped cook the books. The Olympics cost more than planned (as usual) but I do like the subway system all marble and antiquities. The EU is a traversty and will implode just like the USSR.