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Greedy for cuts

I have a question regarding getting ripped with striations and the whole bit. Currently, I am 5’11 1/2 about 200 lbs. with 16% body fat. I still have nice ab definition, it looks like I’m at 11% (go figure!). Before working out I use to be 170lbs, so I’ve gained a bit of muscle. I started doing a walking exercise (because I don’t want to lose muscle and get skinny with hardcore aerobics) that has been reducing my body fat substantially, however, I’m greedy. I want MASSIVE cuts in my biceps and triceps arms, forearms, pecs, and so forth.
I was told by an ex-bodybuilder to continue to do what I am doing since it’s working (my goal is to get in the 215 - 225 range). --He told me to flex each body part for 15 seconds, resting 20 sec. at a time for at least 10-15 minutes.–He says that the rips, cuts, and striations will really start to show after about 6 weeks, that is, if I do this daily.
So far I have been doing this for 2 1/2 weeks (to save time I flex two to three muscle groups at the same time), other people are noticing differences in my physique( I don’t), but my concern is that It won’t really work that way he tells me it will. Regardless, I will be continuing with it for at least another 6 weeks just to see what happens. --Is He right! What are your suggestions on getting ripped?-- With all factors the same, will I turn into a ripped looking thermogenic machine?
I’m game for any other suggestions regarding body fat lose as well.


Mark (greedy for cuts)

Hey man, I was wondering where all my fellow “Cutters” were at. At 5’7 and around 170 I’m pretty content with my size (a ‘lil bit of muscle packing is fun on occasion) but I mainly focus on cuttin’ up. Lately I’ve made a great discovery which works, for my, synergistically. I hate waiting 2-3 minutes in between sets because I’m all hyped up and want to get back into it. So lately I’ve invented a variation of circuit training for myself which provides for both a pump and a burn. Say, for example, I’m doing incline dumbell presses with 3 minutes rest between sets. For the first minute of the “rest period” I’ll jump on the stairclimber and sprint. I then climb down, pace a bit and rest for the next 2 mins. My poundages haven’t suffered at all and I feel more “spent” at the end of the workout, though not overtrained. You can play around with the run/rest combos. Anyways hope that helps in some way, shape, or form.

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Great post. Sounds like you know that bf% will make a large impact as will hydration. I think Pavel suggested something like this would work but Im interested in what others say.

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch…I’ve heard that technique mentioned before, and I have to imagine it has some value to it. I like E-Man’s efficient use of time between sets…I tend to do things a little differently between sets to get the synergy, energy and mentality peaking: that is, stretch and flex (pose) the working muscles. This really gets the blood and the pump going, gets you mentally zoned in, gets ya stoked and gets the mind-muscle link hooked up. I do remember Pavel mentioning something about flexing between sets. I think it has a profound effect on tetanus and possibly cuts–provided low enough bf%–if done chronically. Keep up the hard work, ya greedy bastard:-)

Arnold Schwarznegger also recommends (in the new encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding) flexing your muscles inbetween sets to really get the striations showing. I too have tried this and have seen a lot of improvement especially in my chest.

It might work. You’re keeping the muscle under tension for a longer period of time, and I have heard that BB’s flex a muscle after doing a set for that muscle. So in that sense it’s almost like a superset. Either way, you’re increasing calorie expenditure.