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Greco-Roman + Lifting Nutrition


So I’ve been training extremely hard since 2015. I have trained a lot before but since March of 2015 until now has been the toughest training schedule I’ve had. I train two Greco-Roman sessions that are a mix of technique + fitness(mix of weightbody exercises and sometimes minor lifting exercises) and two sessions of extreme fitness only(my wrestling club hosts it) and I train three sessions of weightlifting (a mix of powerlifting and bodybuilding exercises). I’ve built a lot of muscle mass and weigh around 94kg and I’m 185 cm tall.

I’m not fat, I don’t have belly fat sticking out but I have enough fat to cover my sixpack which I can feel if I flex my stomach and sometimes visible under strong lights(gym lights for example). My weight has ranged from 96kg to 93kg but for the past months I’ve been stuck at 94kg but I’ve been improving my stamina a lot. My question now is, how do I change my eating habits? I want to lose bodyfat and still be able to do the exercises at the Greco-Roman wrestling sessions without feeling dizzy and wanting to throw up.

I don’t know where to start exactly, I know about macronutrients, protein, carbs and so on, but the only problem is I don’t know how much I should eat since I know it depends on my BMI and stuff and I don’t want to follow a diet from the internet without any research.

TL;DR If I want to lose weight while training high intensity Greco-Roman wrestling sessions, so I want to know how to plan a diet.


Shoot for 180-200g lean protein a day and knock yourself out with green veg and good fats, add a bit of clean carbs like white rice or banana to your peri workout meals.

Cut out all sugar foods apart from odd bit of fruit, even drinks like gatorade.

Good points here…

Thanks a lot for the reply! I’m gonna check the link out and eat green!