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Greco Roman Combine

Jacked from mma.tv
"Pretty interesting. It is the Greco-Roman Wrestling answer to the NFl combine. Really wish their was a study comparing the athletic qualities of Olympians of various sports. The Greco athletes are monsters!

Blue namer please."

That is a NICE facility
Stall bars and Ropes right next to the matts!

I did similar tests in colorado springs
this facility wasn’t open yet , interesting
videos thanks.

I know they are very big on sand bag conditioning- particularly at that facility…
the tests are goofy but pretty specific


That’s cool, I see where they have come from for most of the tests.

Cool fact: The song at the end of the second video is the national anthem of Bulgaria :smiley:

Ivan Ivanov is the head coach there,
I knew him from some international competitions he is Bulgarian.

It seems like a pretty comprehensive test and the guy at the end sounded like they’re pretty committed to making it even more comprehensive and sport specific.

That was cool, thanks for posting.

This was pretty cool, I’m quite impressed.

check out 4:58. 80 squat reps at 110% bodyweight. INSANE
I would be in a coma if i tried to squat 80 reps with that much weight. Greco wrestlers are animals

The video is pretty accurate for a decent greco program…

My favourite part was at around 2:14 of the second video where it looks like the winner of the match jumped onto the wrong coach before getting tossed.