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Greatly Appreciate Help Dosing...


Hello tnation. I am about yo purchase some tren 100.

I don't know how to dose it or correct frequency of pins. Any advice is appreciated. Also...

I take testim gel. I have for a year. Is this a.good enough base for tren?
Please respond


in your other thread you said you had tren e. Tren e is typically not dosed at 100mg/ml, but tren ace is. Did you just change your mind or do you even know what you're talking about. You didn't list the ester of the tren, you need to know the ester to know the pinning frequency.

If you did some research, 10min. tops you could have answers to your questions, something tells me you need a lot more than 10 min. though. I don't see why testim gel would not be a good enough base for some tren


It is ace. I apologize. I was told one thing then another. I really apologize. My main concern was would testim be sufficient? I found pinning schedule.

Thanks for the advice.


I am not and idiot but new to tren. I searched and searched for answer about the testim being enough but couldn't find anything so I figured individuals educated in this field would help.



^ that was hard



^ that was hard


What about the testim? Have any of fellas heard of someone using testim as their base test?


Dude... you keep asking this and we keep telling you. That will be fine, I'm not a fan of the creams and gels but it will be a base just like an injectable would


Ok. Thank you.