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Greatest World Leader Today

My vote is for Putin. He’s totally bad ass. Ex-KGB. Doesn’t take shit from journalists. Hunts. Does Judo. I wish Trump was a bit more like Putin. What say you?

I agree. I really wish we would establish secret police and put an end to this free speech mambo jumbo. Political opponents should be killed. Maybe some good old fashioned poisonings. The thing is though that Putin is a girly pansy compared to Kim Jong Un. We need political death camps that punish families for their relatives’ misdeeds for at least three generations, and to sell our people as slaves. That’s the sign of a good leader. Anything less is weak sauce.


Hunting, shooting, fishing with Vlad!


Elon musk

…or Joe Rogan

:joy: That’s funny.

Musk is interesting.

While I would never consider him a “World Leader”…it often takes a Narcissistic Asshole with an Ego even larger than Trumps to push innovation.

IF in fact we a) get to the point of fossil fuel-less travel and b) Space Exploration and colonization expands because of Capital Investment…Musk will be a pivotal part of the narrative.

Nice…summed it up nicely. This like the person who started a thread with the comment that the “North Korean Army is bad-ass”. Reeks of puerility.

The same when I hear people speak of what a “great” leader Putin is.

The “constraints” of Democracy are there for a reason…and the Founder’s knew that. They are constraints that Putin doesn’t have…and I often think that Trump wishes were not there.

Democracy is for fools. All the best governments are dictatorships like the empire in Star Wars.

While you are most likely joking…just in case you’re not go live in a dictatorship for about a year and come back and tell us all how you liked it.

Lol. My father in law lived in Spain under Franco. He was in the US Navy at the time. The US servicemen were instructed to wear their dog tags and fatigues in public, never speak to the police or break any traffic laws, because the policia had a nasty habit of robbing and shooting common criminals/innocents right in the street.

They also weren’t allowed out after dark, even if they lived off base.

Pope Francis or Benjamin Netanyahu are the two best leaders the world right now… Francis is a gentle leader and Netanyahu is simply smarter than everybody else.

Putin perhaps is the most powerful man in the world right now, but he’s not a great man. He’s a giant asshole.
Angela Merkel is a joke, Theresa May I am not sure what to think of her, I reckon average. Duarte of the Philippines is a complete dick and I hope he dies soon. Maduro of Venezuela and Kim Jung Un are easily the worst leaders in the world currently…


King Abdullah II of Jordan seems really intelligent and especially capable. I don’t really know shit about Jordan, but watching dude on TV gets me hype. It’s strange to think of a “king,” but that man has a real Presence. He feels like a leader.

Big fan of John Key (ex-PM of New Zealand) who, as he resigned in 2016, is recent enough for this list.

He ran a budget surplus for all the years of his Premiership barring a relaxation on the spending as a result of the financial crash. Increases the GDP in line with Australia, has basement low unemployment and an aggregate reduction in tax.

Marvelous stuff, and I wish we had more sober people who even wanted to achieve the above in the UK.

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I tend to agree with FF on the King.

He seems to be an island of Strength, Stability and Compassion in a sea off chaos.

It’s a shame that his leadership gets overlooked by the likes of Trump and Putin.

@Jewbacca …how do they view King Abdullah in Israel?

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Great Question!

He talk out of both sides of his mouth.

A better question would be, “how do they view King Abdullah compared to XYZ?” That’s how middle east politics work.


Great point, @Jewbacca

With all the chaos in the Middle East…and all that many of these “leaders” are willing to subject their people to…there seem to not be many leaders (at least in how I view leadership…).

As Netenyahu said: “It’s a tough neighborhood…!”

So let me try to rephrase…how is Abdullah viewed…in terms of his overall hatred and antagonism toward Israel…compared to say Iran and Saudia Arabia?