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Greatest Video Ever


just when i thought he couldn't get any funnier.



hilerious expecially when hes bent in half


There are no words.

Wait...there are:

Best. Video. Ever.


The part of me that applauds him trying is in a fight right now with the part of me that wishes I lived next door - I wouldn't need cable TV watching that every week.



Joe, you don't work for the Princeton Review, do you?


DW videos make me so happy. First, I like the added bonus of adding in the slo-mo. We can see he is taking his film-making craft to the next level. Second, his struggling on the clean was just incredible. Moving and poetic. Third and finally... how is it that he is completely oblivious (still) to how completely f-ed up his lifts are? I so want to believe it has occurred to him that he is about to make an orthopedic surgeon very wealthy... and yet, all evidence points to the contrary.



This is a joke isn't it?

BTW did anyone else hear the loud clicking noise at the bottom of is front squat?


How do you know that's DW?




The even funnier part is he had on all the gear belt, beanie, knee wraps, etc.


god damn that was the funniest shit ever...why the hell is it so messsed?



im not sure what to say....damn i wish i was that cool


the music in the background is lamb of god.



That's a keeper isn't it. :slight_smile:

As bad as my form might be in any lift, I suddenly feel really pleased with what I do!

I love his flexibility though - look at the bend in his darn spine on the way up during the "Clean". I thought it must surely snap!

I have to save that one...thanks!



His clean looked like he was trying to do one of the Oly clean+presses like they did before the event was dropped.


Oh God... is this supposed to be a snatch? This guy is starting to scare me.



All of his videos say "Max's ____ lift" at the start. That and his superb form is simply unmistakable.


Looking at his form he needs to wear the belt and wraps, to hold his body together because it looks like it is about to break....


he keeps a log on another BB forum inwhich he posts all these vids.

here's about 150 pounds more than he could raw deadlift in a meet without getting red lighted. http://media.putfile.com/max_deadlift_485x1

and here's his impersonation of Pyrros Dimas.


Shaking Head

What is going on here?

I just have so many questions running through my head I don't know where to start.

What are the water bottles for in the front squats?

How could you watch that and think it was anywhere near what it was meant to look like?

I think the deadlift would be more like 500 because of all the gear he has....wraps, suit, chalk, belt, music (headphones) smelling salts. Damn

James still shaking head