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Greatest Squats Of All Time


In order to make this list I am asking for 1000lb+, walked out, single ply squats. And no, I am not trying bash a lot of the recent great performaces with monolifts and multi ply gear.

The List:

Dave Waddington 1000 @ 275

Fred Hatfield 1014 @ 255(at an age of 45) Also 1008 @ 255

Shane Hamman 1008@superheavy bodyweight of ?

Kirk Karwoski 1003@275

Ed Coan 1019,1003 @ 242!

Dave Panasella 1022 @ 275

Greg "Beatle" Lowe 1003lb @ 275

Anthony Clark 1017 @ 330lbs

OD Wilson 1002 @ 350+?

I know there has to be some I am missing, help me out here........


i dont think fred walked out


Here is the video


Dude didnt even make his belt tight!


you got me thinking now... thats 1008 not 1014 i think...

anyway... i cant watch this... can anyone else?


I think he may have done a bigger squat where they removed the racks for him.


No, I dont think it was a bigger squat, but a way to get around the rules that caused quite a stir.
I think he was the first to think of that and then try it, until he was told no.


He made that look easy. That's one strong fella.


I just witnessed a 770lbs Raw Squat and a 814 Raw Attempt that failed unfortunatelly by Holger Kutroff during a raw meet.


Willie Wessells did 1003 @220, but I don't know if it was in a single ply or not.


First official 1000+ squatter...
Dave Waddington
275 class
1003 squat
July 1982
Walked out, Ace bandage knee wraps, flimsy single poly suit, and a thin leather bodybuilding (tapered) belt. IMO, the most impressive squat ever.


RIGHT! Now some of those I listed above are under damn near the same conditions. Keep em coming guys.



can we get some more video footage?


this one won't make your list but it's the most impressive squat I've personally seen...

Brent Mikesell squatting 903 lbs well below parallel with knee wraps and a belt only...didn't walk the weight out though...

I have seen Mikesell walk out a 1000 lbs squat at an exhibition bodybuilding contest...

not sure how much those old time squat suits gave the lifters but I'm betting Mikesell could hang with them...


Here is a video of Pasanella getting redlighted on 1045..... that dude was a FREAK!


Mikesell was definately the real deal. His WPO/APF squats IMO were deeper than anyone else and rarely have I seen a video of him that didnt impress. Ed Coan complemented him on several occasions, and not everyone got that.


One more to add to the list was Lee Moran I think..... not sure of his bodyweight or top squat.


Kirk Karwoski, the king of intensity.

e took about ten years off after retirement and came back and squatted 846 with just a belt. And talk about deep!! If you havent seen his video, buy it... he does 1000x2 in training.



That is awesome!


Fred Hatfield,aka dr. squat did 1200 in training once. his belt wasn't cinched up when he did 1014 in comp. He had freaky erectors, used to do almost 400 pounds doing back hyperextensions. He can do 225 lbs. now at age of 65 i believe.


I think if you look at the actual age and weight of Fred Hatfield, that 1014 squat is the most impressive in history!

His best Bench was 523lbs.

He is currently 63 years of age.


Then the title's a bit off. :slightly_smiling:

Good list, though.