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Greatest Run in NFL History...



Man, that game was so great. Brought back memories. That wasn't a fair run. Bo was doing this against the '90 Patriots, for goodness's sake.


Hahaha mannnn that brought back some good memories. Great clip, made my night.


this is true, everyone knows that bo simply can not be stopped on tecmo bowl, brings back memories for sure


Yea, I'd like to see him pull that against the Bears with Singletary and Mark Carrier. Not gonna happen.

That game brings back great memories. Not just the game, but the time as well.


No way man, Christian Okye was way more badass, he could run threw people.


I just sat in front of my computer, alone, laughing for over one minute straight.

One word comes to mind: hubris.


Thanks buddy. That was awesome, I can almost picture myself as a kid manhandling the controls right there. Tops it off is it's Bo Jack running wild.

Dam I love the music from the games back in the day. So much better than todays games. I still got that beat going through my head.


You took the words right out of my mouth. I think I averaged like 1,200 yards a game with him.

Although the Jackson/Allen backfield combo of the Raiders was tough to beat in that game...


Oh there was no stopping them thats for sure.

Hands down though, Jerry Rice was the most badass offensive player in that game. Hands of GLUE and excellent speed.

LOL the control throwing and fistfights that this game brings back to memory.....ahhhh the good old days.


LMAO, awesome clip.


Bullshit! It was all about Mark Bavaro and Little Joe. The Giants could not be stopped...and LT was a wrecking ball on defense.


Tecmo bowl was definately the Madden of the 80s. It's a shame the series didn't continue on with it's greatness into the bigger consoles. I loved that music.

Tecmo bowl and the very first Madden64 were the best. Even looking back by todays standards.


The Giants?? Pssh, pleeeease.

Honestly, I think Barry Sanders was the best back, The Bills might have been the best all-around team, and you could pretty much just toss up a throw anywhere on the field with the Dolphins and either Duper or Clayton would come down with it.


I remember playing this game with my two best friends all the time after school. One of my buddies and I would always play and I of course would choose the raiders, he would chose the 49ers. He would always choose the Bo Jackson running pays on defense so I could not do that to him. He would make me beat him in another way. However the version we played was the original Techmo bowl where there were only 4 plays to choose from.


Bo knows Tecmo that's for sure. Howie Long on D dropping back into the secondary for int's. Best football game ever IMHO.


Now those where some skills, hella skills, ran from one endzone to the next, back and back to the touchdown.


Don't sleep on the Giants. You could hit Bavaro on that curl for about six yards guaranteed every time...it was practically impossible to stop. Plus if he breaks one tackle you can end up with a big play. Is it as flashy as other teams? No...but it works...over and over and over again. Plus, with LT you can pretty much destroy anyone on defense. Most running plays and long passes just become impossible for your opponent...LT is in the backfield before they know what happens.

Walter Payton was obviously the best all around back in Tecmo Bowl!


Even though it was 99 yards from scrimmage it was probably a thousand yard scamper right there.

Reggie Bush don't have shit on Bo Jackson.

LT was definatly the man on defense on that game. Better than the whole Patriots team that year. anyone want to argue that one, lol. He must've been so dominate from all that crack he was blowin.


Ah that's nothing :wink: