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Greatest Pound for Pound Fighter EVER?


Who among these three do you consider the "greatest"?

Anderson Silva
Fedor Emilianenko
George Saint Pierre

If they were in the same weightclass, who'd win?




Silva is on the way to gaining this title for REAL... No one else is in the same realm. GSP would have to venture outside of 170, and I wouldn't want to see him face Anderson his FIRST time at 185.

And to be honest I don't see how Fedor would beat Silva if they were at a catchweight...except by superior cybernetics and if his GOLEM programming kicks in... He hasn't had to use it since the Mirko fight. Though Randleman did hit his reset button on accident once.


I consider Fedor the greatest. He has always been a complete fighter, he didn't need to strengthen his mental game like GSP or his ground work like Anderson.

Fedor is also, according to fightmetric, the least hit of any MMA fighter on a per minute basis.


It's just unfortunate that the heavyweight division is currently strongest in the UFC, and he's not a part of it.


Brock Lesnar


Outta these ill put Silva first GSP at a superclose second and fedor last


That's absolute bs Machida is far less hit than Fedor. GSP does not deserve it he lost to a scrub as a champ, Fedor, there is always the what if question, what if he fought Mirko in the Grand Prix, what if he would have fought Randy in Rings, what if he fought a current UFC champ.

Anderson flat out makes people look stupid, Machida is on his way if he continues winning, but as of now know question Anderson Silva for MMA. However if we are open to boxing as well I will agree with Irish and say Sugar Ray, also Ali and Duran.


Pound for Pound, Brock is probably the weakest fighter I've ever seen in my life. It's the fact that he has so many fucking pounds that make him anything of worth.


Fedor, hands down. Fedor, Silva, and GSP are all about the same size. Around 6 ft., have about the same lean muscle mass (Fedor is about 20 pct bf @ 220 while GSP walks around at a lean 185 and Silva walks around at around 220), but Fedor is fighting Heavyweights! He is ALWAYS the smaller fighter.

Can you imagine GSP bulking up to try and take on the likes of Nog, Coleman, Cro Cop, Fujita, Sylvia, even HMC? Hell, Matt Lindland would be a tougher test than most of the guys Silva or GSP have fought. GSP and Silva are great, but they are usually the bigger fighter and have an advantage in strength/range/etc to go along with their great skill sets.

Fedor is the most complete fighter, the most consistent fighter, and is mentally tougher than Silva or GSP. He has been in tons of wars and come close to losing many times, but the man just doesn't lose. Until he drops a fight he is no.1, period.


Who the fuck cares how often Fedor gets hit? He WINS. The intangibles that Fedor possesses cannot be analyzed by some dumb statistical tool that you googled.


Who cares if they were in the same weight class. They could all easily meet at a catch weight of 205. Fedor has fought bigger guys his entire career. I'm sure that GSP and Silva could grow a pair and fight someone who might have a whopping 5 pounds more of lean muscle mass.


this debate begins and ends with....Bruce Lee fools


If you think Fedor would have anywhere near the success against lightheavies your dumb. What light heavies has he fought Randleman. He fights ex champs and cans.


Nowadays that's true. But he also fought a prime Nog twice, a prime Cro Cop, and has pulled victory from the jaws of defeat on numerous occasions (which is one of the signs of a true champion, they know how to win, even when things look bad).





Wow do you really believe that?


Whoa prime Cro Cop and Nog, Anderson beat Hendo, Rich Franklin twice, Griffin Marquardt how are you going to punish A Silva for not being in a bad position.


I don't understand why someone like Fedor gets to have every excuse in the world but somei=one like a Mayweather doesn't.


If Silva wins the 205 title I'll give it to him. Until then I'm going with GSP. Why? He's been tested and beat, Silva hasn't, he then rededicated himself and has been transformed.


Review some of his pride fights and his last loss... he did his rededication shit before he came to the UFC