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Greatest Movie in History


I saw a film that changed my life last night, including classic lines like:

"If you come in here again, I'm gonna give you so many rights, you'll be begging for a left".

The finale also includes a man being shot out of a window with a bazooka. Now how many films can claim that?

Any one know this film?


I dont know but I reckon that it must be a Disney film!


Invasion USA

Greatest Movie Ever

with Chuck Norris, seen on a Tuesday, at 10:52pm 1984


If it was on TV then check a TV guide, if it was a DVD then like read the box or ask whoever owns it.



This movie is just too great not to be seen. Watching those commies blow up the Christmas tree! Goddamnit!


You made my day, no wait, my week Old Bailey... killer man just killer


I feel it needs to watched in two parts as it was almost too much to take in at once. Glad I've got it on dvd.


Didn't Ali say that quote before a fight? Maybe one of the Frazier fights?


I'm sure he did...Sounds very familiar.


That line might just be 100 years old.

Tell me you were aware of that.


I was aware of that. However, in this instance it was said by the bearded one, with all the followers, you know the guy with the special powers. People keep bringing him up in these forums at every opportunity.


Oh..I see. Okay.


Sometimes it's not just the line, but the delivery.
He says it so honestly that you can't help but believe it.


The best delivery, and perhaps the best line, in a this type of movie is Clint Eastwood's "Do ya feel lucky, punk? Do ya?"

That whole speach is amazing. GODAMN.