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Greatest Martial Artist Ever


There is a thread about Bruce Lee and Arnold. This is a BB website and we all know Arnold would crush his enemies and hear the lamentation of their women. So as to not Hijack the other thread. I thought I'd start this one.

What Manlet alive can resist the Aikido of Steven Segal - Lawman


Aren't you one of these Prof Moron nuthuggers, always lamanting the downfall of the forums and the intrusion of non-hardcore, anti-bodybuilder crowds?

So instead you chose to spam the combat forum?






LOL so much hate


I don't think it's hate, I just think it's easy to recognize when someone's being a cock.

While the bodybuilding forum may suck ass, the combat forum has stayed especially strong, and trolling around it is a doucher thing to do.


Thanks for the nuthuggery comment - by the way since you're quick to comment - this was posted in GAL and got moved over here.

I had no intent to derail this forum. If you can tell by the OP it was meant in humor and set for GAL.

I don't think I've ever posted in this section - EVER.


Fair enough.


But seriously though, seriously.
Anyone who wants to hold Steven Segal's hand is FUCKED.



Sorry for the confusion. Not sure why this was moved from the GAL forum.

As to this,

I'll just leave this here:



Proper fucked.


Aikido is pretty much regarded as a complete joke, even in Japan. It's funny that the Yoshinkan style touts that it's the "official style of the Tokyo Riot Police". People in Tokyo don't riot.

As far as great martial artists go, I've always been a huge fan of the late Andy Hug. The man once shattered the FEMUR of an opponent using an axe kick...what's not to like? He also defeated Crocop while his body was riddled with cancer.


Fair enough.
Sorry for the misunderstanding.

What bugs me is that a good amount of people will still regard Seagal as a badass, skullcrushing, armwrenchin machine.
And that, once more in a internet training forum, Bruce Lee's name is kinda tainted.

If one looks at the video, just sheer amount of choreography and willingness of Seagal's students/victims (practically the same thing) is staggering.

Bruce, on the other hand, sparred full contact(did Seagal ever do that?), created a badass style that's taught around the world today and was a forerunner for MMA.
While not actively participating in regulated combat, he inspired legions of a all kinds of martial artists and athletes.

And of course, he was a cool actor and personality, the first one to be adored by east and west simultaneously.
Quite some achievements, I say.
Seagal has none of that.

Personally, I'd pick Miyamoto Musashi for the MA GOAT.
I don't know another book that transcended time and culture so well, describing essential principles of combat in a no-nonsense style, venturing effortlessly even beyond combat eventually.
For this work, which is his life's crowning achievement, he gets that title from me.

We can also assume that he was rather dope with these japanese sabres - and the wooden ones, too, of course!


That was a dope video. Thanks for sharing.


NP -(wish all the forums could work things out as easily)

But you're dead on with your post which was what I was hoping to spark in GAL.


I've got to agree with Schwarz, although Sun Tzu could also be up there. He was a general, but in those days being a soldier meant being a martial artist, and as far as timelessness goes, his lessons are still as true today as they were before.

Musashi it tough to compete against though.

Honestly, as far as "martial artits" of the last century go, meaning people having an intense, deep understanding of their art and strategy and tactics, I'd put any of the great boxers above Bruce fuckin Lee any day of the week.

Who do you think REALLY knew more about hand to hand combat - Muhammud Ali or Jack Dempsey, or some fucking actor who did flashy shit for a camera?

Ugh. So tired of the Bruce Lee bullshit.


The highest ranking available in martial arts is 'Meijin' which which means supreme master. Only one man was ever awarding this I believe: Anko Itosu, who was one of the Emperor of Okinawa's bodyguards. He went on to teach (along with master Azoto) Gichin Funakoshi who then taught Nakayama Sensei who taught Hirikozu Kanazawa, who is the greatest living martial artist today, and the only true tenth dan alive. Itosu could crush a piece of bamboo with one hand and broke his makiwara so many times he strapped the leather sole of a shoe to a brick wall and loosened the bricks when he punched it. He also killed several people in his personal life and more in his line of work. Just look at his legacy of students...

Read 'the weaponless warriors'

Hirikozu Kanazawa 'recollections of a living legend' and Hirikozu Kanazawa tenth dan

C W Nicol also mentions kanazawa in his book 'moving Zen' Karate a path to gentleness.


thanks for the suggestion, definitely gonna read it.


I lol'd


Thanks for sharing.

Awesome knockout @ 1.34