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Greatest Heist Ever


From MSN.com

WEST BEND, Wis. - Authorities are hoping to break up what must be quite the party after beer thieves made off with almost $26,000 worth of suds from a delivery truck.

A semi trailer loaded with cans and bottles of Miller beer was stolen from a trucking company in Richfield, according to a Washington County Sheriff's Department report. The trailer was found four days later ? sans beer ? at an Oak Creek trucking firm.

The trailer had been dropped off at the Millis Transfer Co. sometime on Feb. 17 for delivery to a beer distributor in Menomonie, authorities said. Later that night, the trailer was discovered missing.

Company officials didn't report the loss immediately because they thought a driver must have picked up the wrong load.

The sheriff's department is investigating with Oak Creek authorities and Miller officials, said Sheriff's Capt. Dale Schmidt.

The missing product, valued at $25,788, included:

384 24-packs of Miller Genuine Draft cans
560 18-packs of MGD 12-ounce bottles
980 18-packs of MGD 12-ounce cans
40 24-packs of Miller Light 16-ounce plastic bottles

Thats one hell of a party.


That means these guys got away with 37,896 individual beers, which equates to 458,957 ounces or 3,582.75 gallons...damn that's one hell of saturday night!


I think it'll be obvious when some frat house has "free beer" parties for a week.


lets see.......

3582.75 gallons times 8.2 lbs per gallon divided by 2000 lbs per ton...

14.68 tons of beer.

let that figure role around in your mind for a minute, 14 TONS of beer.

So beautiful.


Yea, it's gonna be pretty hard to consume THAT much beer without raising a few eyebrows.


Too bad so much of it was MGD. Ahh well free beer is free beer.Even if it is MGD!