Greatest Freak Out The Series!

[quote]ucallthatbass wrote:
Here’s one for you

Dayum, why in hell isn’t that excuse for a person in a psych ward.

A girl showed me all these videos yesterday. I wondered the same thing, how did he get his clothes of so fast and why did he do that with the remote?

As for his behavior, I blame it all mostly on his parents. They let this go on for too long. He was probobally never spanked as a child and his parents most likely never punished him consistently enough. He says after he does this stuff that he’s not afraid of his dad. I’m not saying this kid needs to be beat but isn’t it legal to restrain your child? I mean physically pin them to show whos boss or something?

Yeah, that’s obviously fake, the number of cast members just increased a little. Cmon, 6 fucking videos? It’s not like the brother wouldn’t know WHY he was filming after the first time eh?.. It’s so very lame.

I just finished watching these with my 15 yr old son, if these are real this boy is a potential serial killer, mass murderer, etc. He definately need intense counseling or he is destined for prison, mental hospital or certain death either by the police or someone who isn’t tolerant of his bullshit or he may even take his own life.

Even my son agrees that his parents response to these uncontrollable psychotic out bursts is just fueling the fire, and ultimately while humorous to an extent, is potentially harming his fragile mental state and is possibly causing greater harm.

We also feel that the if these turn out to be fake they are pure genious!

On a final note the self anal violation with the remote not only was highly unecessary and highly inappropriate but probably leans toward these are real.


P.S. Yes we both laughed at all the videos