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Greatest Fighter of All Time?


One choice. Who you pick? Pound for pound king. Explain your reasoning.

After much analysis, ridiculous amounts of research, and all that other bullshit, I've decided I'm going with Roy Jones Jr.


Seriously all time greats do not get ko'd in back to back fights. There are far better boxers than him.


Sugar Ray Robinson...easy. Speed, Power, ridiculous chin. Awkward style. Fights against so many great champions.

In this topic peole should be refering to the fighters peak....not entire career.




NO way their peak then Mike Tyson could be in this argument you have to look at the whole career.


Nope...you take a fighter at their very best and then make your decision..also this is the p4p question..Tyson shouldn't even be mentioned...and believe it or not I'm a fanatical Tyson fan.



Chuck Norris. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, Robinson is a great pick.

But I think the answer is a tough one to give. What criteria are we basing out decision on? Who would win in a fight? Professional record? Well roundedness? Are we talking about sport fighters or "real" fighters?

From a record perspective I'd give the nod to Rocky Marciano, Cael Sanderson or Alexander Karelin.

Who would win in a fight, I'd probably go with Fedor or Joe Lewis. I'd actually probably have to give Fedor the nod for well roundedness as well.

If we are talking about life or death, then Musashi would get my vote. Of course I could probably name some others, but no one would know who they were (as they are not professional fighters).


I'm talking more boxing. I don't know that MMA has the rich history yet- you can ask who was the greatest MMA guy in 50 years, and see who comes up and what not, and who's career really lasted the longest. Not really a conversation you can have just yet.

As for criteria, base it however you like. Some folks go for Marciano's 49-0, some folks go for Ali based on his famous fights, some will go with Robinson or Mayweather.

I picked Jones because I think pound for pound, he's the best mix of power and speed I've ever seen. Though he has great fundamentals, he fought brawls because that was his nature- he'll stand toe to toe and still could knock you out. I think he's underrated in the pantheon of great fighters.

Sugar Ray Robinson is a great answer too. I would have enjoyed seeing the two of them fight at middleweight...would have been incredible.

Muhammud Ali could also be mentioned, as I think his skills were some of the best I've ever seen also.





All around great fighter, great attitude.


Mohammad Ali


Mohammad Ali Floats like a butterfly and sting like a bee


I love Ali, he is my hero, however, I have to go with Sugar Ray Robinson as well. He fought with stunning frequency and was just damn near unbeatable.


Rock Marciano. He never lost.


i concur

how many fights does he have?? 400?? guy was a fuckin machine


love the avatar btw



My pop [an ex-fighter] was a Sugar Ray Robinson guy. I've seen countless clips of his fights. Of everyone I've seen, I would take Joe Louis. Strong,fast,aggressive and had a serious killer instinct. Boxing and baseball are the only two sports I can think of that have regressed as the years have gone on.


Attila The Hun, he was a badass.


Not even close

Fred Etish!!!!!!!!!!!!


How about Henry Armstrong?


kerelin? shout out for andy hug the blue eyed samurai