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Greatest Feat of Strength


Ive seen pictures of Angus Mc he is regarded as strongest man who ever lived, was a true giant from nova Scotia, wonder how he would do in WSM.
He could carry a hog under each arm, drag a 2500lb anchor, but at 7,7 425 pounds would be skinny compared to Shaw, Thorson, 6,8 440, no peds,
I dont know tall tales get taller .
What if you got a guy like that now, with all modern training ,etc .
No doubt he was a physical specimen, and hw was real their are pictures.


Without steriods, probably the 300 something pounds

Paul Andersons squats

Cyr beating up 10 guys using the 11th one as a weapon

With steriods, Big Zs 400lb+ log press


Chad Wesley Smith totalling a ton in under a minute:

Pretty much anything involving the Inch Dumbbell - 172 pounds with a non-rotating handle as thick as a soda can. Particularly Mark Henry clean and pressing it with one hand (other lifters before him needed two hands to get it to the shoulder):


Yes they have g suits , when i was on a carrier i noticed the figher pilots had good upper body development.
Say you arm ways 15 pound in a 5g turn its 65 pounds. Also pulling on the acceletator (i dont know what true name is). Take around 8-10lbs to move . Dont sound like much but in a two hour mission, very taxing. Lt Lang told us the adrenaline rush was unbelievable.
Rogan had a guy on show may have been the one you showed who climbed free style .
I cant imagine the grip strength you would need to pull that off, the funny thing was the guy was a virgin becuase he was to shy to talk to girls. A guy in one of the most extreme sports and comes inches from death all the time SHY. Rogan told Redband to take of that for him, apparently Redband hangs with porn stars.


Maybe not all time but Derek Kendall was doing some crazy shit (and probably still is privately). I’ve also heard some crazy stories about Ed Coan.


I climbed a lot when I was younger and I was climbing solid 5.12 trad (which is fairly difficult routes, nothing world class, but strong) and I could not imagine free soloing multi-pitch 5.12 routes without a rope. That takes someone whom is extremely confident on their abilities and skill.

I bet flying a fighter jet is a pretty badass experience. The only thing I can even relate it to are those G simulators you can get in, but I don’t think they go over 3-4 Gs.


You are not speaking my language 5,12 indicators e,g,
But i bet grip has never been a problem for you, but yeah hanging on two fingers with a 300ft drop , no thanks.
What about that crazy bastard who jumped 120,000 ft five years ago .
You would want to be hydrated and carbed imagine a muscle cramp at 300 ft.


Felix Baumgartner?


I think at one point he was falling at 800 mph and blacked out a second.
Heights are a funny one a coworker of mine used to clean windows 30 stories up , terrified to fly.
Another afraid to be more 20 ft off ground no problem flying.


Coan told me once a long time ago he worked up to 425 hang clean, and on another occasion 585 zercher deadlift.
Ive heard Steve Goggins used straps and vasaline to pull 955, very believable his head was between his legs on 1102 squat.


Ron Burgundy’s 1000 curl set stands out.


no Charlie francis’ book on ben joihnson